Position Wanted: Ranch Work in Canada with Horses and/or Cattle (Jan-July)

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Sara R.

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Full Time or Seasonal
Depends on position
Date Posted
August 13, 2023
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs


My name is Sara, I’m a 20 years old female from Norway looking for a ranch job in Canada between January and July. Since I was little my biggest dream was working on a ranch. I don’t have so much experience with ranching tho. I live in a small town in Norway, there are some farmers here but fewer ranchers. and to get a job there you have to have a family member owning it. Although I didn’t get that opportunity to work at a farm/ranch I’ve helped my former neighbors a little bit with the animals when they had horses and sheep. Some of my friends also have horses and I help them clean the barn and take care of the horses.

I know that it’s hard to employ people without a lot of experience in ranching. But I’m a fast learner and a hard-working person. I’m a pretty fit person. I work out pretty often, go for long walks ext. Planning to join the army in August 2024. I know that walking and lifting weights isn’t the same training you get on a ranch. but I like to challenge myself physically and mentally. I never give up on something I started, even tho it means I fail sometimes.

I also know that it’s not only the animals I’m working with. I’m a flexible person and get along with people really well. I can help with the kids if you have any, clean, make dinner. (normal household things). I’m not a picky person. eats everything, don’t mind getting my hands dirty, I can handle being told that I’m doing things wrong.
I would love any questions you have for me and thank you for your consideration.


Reach out via phone or email at your convenience.

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