Position Wanted: Rancher & Cowboy

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Ben H.

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Full Time
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November 13, 2019
Housing Needed
10+ yrs


Im a rancher and family man. I have a vast array of ranching and maintenance experiences that I can provide. As a rancher and cowboy, I have over 30 years of a successful track record training horses such as colts, branding cattle, castrating, doctoring horses and cattle; but also purchasing and selling animals to include cattle, goats, dogs and such.

I will conduct ranch maintenance, operate ranch equipment, run errands, maintain grounds of ranch as needed. I can weld, transport animals as needed while also attend horse shows for owners.

I’m an honest, and hard working person who is seeking to work for an honest employer that can also provide housing, a salary and potential health benefits for my family and I. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I am a cancer survivor, so I don't give up.

I am also bilingual, which helps in many ways in the ranching/horse to cattle industry. Furthermore, I am a team player and I am always learning something new so I'm open minded to learning new avenues of doing things from the employer that hires.

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