Position Wanted: Searching for Ranch opportunity ~ Need a New Pace

Madison S.

Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
June 3, 2024
Housing Needed
5-10 yrs

Hi there! My name is Madison. I’m new to this website, but curious to see the opportunities out here. I currently reside in SC, and have a great job. However, the hours are a bit much and I value having time for hobbies, passions, and loved ones. I’ve also lived in this beautiful state all my life, and could use a fresh start, for a season, or longer. I grew up out on a backroad in the country and would love to get back where I belong and be able to see the stars at night again.

I’m a hard worker but am searching for a better work/life balance, and somewhere I can call home. I thrive in situations where I can be part of a team/family. If you’re more of a corporate business, we may not be a good fit for each other, respectfully. If you need someone for more than 40-45 hours a week, also probably not a good fit. I would also prefer somewhere with housing available, ideally.

I’ve worn many hats, from mucking out stalls, to nannying, to landscaping, to receptionist work, to sales, and more. I have a bachelor’s degree from a Ministry School, and I’ve done lots of public speaking, as well as led a youth group for a year-long internship. I feel that my greatest assets as a worker are my character and my customer service. I’m always going to be honest, and do my best to help others in whatever way possible, and try to make people smile in the process.

When I’m not working I love playing music and singing, fishing, or watching a good movie. I’m usually game for anything fun or outdoors and I’m a sucker for a bad idea that’ll turn into a good story, haha! But..also responsible, I promise. It’s a balance, haha.

I feel that there are a few roles I could really thrive in, and I would love to be an answer to someone else’s need while also giving myself some fresh perspective and slower pace of life. If anything I’ve said resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions or whatever! Thanks! -Madison


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

[email protected]


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