Position Wanted: Seeking Equine Professional Manager Opportunity in NM, CO, WY

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Laurie J.

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Willing to Relocate: NM, CO, WY
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Full Time
Date Posted
November 1, 2023
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

I am seeking a managerial position offering my expertise in the horse industry. I have been involved with horses and ranching my entire life. I have tended to top high-end horses for my occupation from all disciplines including quarter racehorses, family breeding operation, pro rodeo career, training horses, and giving lessons.

I owned and operated Equine Athletes, a swimming and rehabilitation facility, in the heart of the Cowboy Capitol of the World. I pride myself on my ability to administer the best care and keep excellent records. I can transport horses and do have a 4-horse trailer and truck. Competing across the US and Canada for many years has taught me how to handle any situation that can and will occur in this industry. I am currently available and willing to relocate.

Are you looking for a Ranch Manger with:

  • 20+ years of ranching and equine experience
  • Knowledge of horse nutrition and ranch technology
  • Reliability and a passion to learn and increase her skills
  • Pleasant, direct, and empathetic communication
  • Resourceful problem solving to get the job done
  • Extremely good health and stamina

As a Real Estate Agent, I research ranches, land, and facilities and aim to discover the unique value in each. Then I highlight that value to attract the right people to buy it. If you need a line of horses for a particular discipline, I am service oriented and will ask questions and research genetic lines to help you meet your long-term breeding goals.

Willing to Relocate: NM, CO, WY


If you are seeking a seasoned Ranching and Equine Manager you can trust, please call me at number listed. I would very much like to discuss how we could work together long-term to make your passions my own.

I look forward to talking with you.

Laurie J.

View full resume here: https://www.ranchwork.com/wp-content/uploads/laurie-sj-resume-xy.pdf

Laurie J

Laurie J

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