Position Wanted: Seeking Opportunity at Game / Wildlife / High Fence Ranch

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Tahlia T.

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Willing to Relocate: TX, OK, CO, GA, NM
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
September 6, 2021
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

I am currently in search of a Game / High Fence / Wildlife ranch or breeding facility that is hiring.

I have experience on a Whitetail Breeding Facility where I:

  • Provided medical care, including giving vaccine injections
  • Fed several pens And adjusted feed per herd health
  • Bird care, including incubation of eggs
  • Bottle raised fawns
  • Vet appointments transport
  • Supplementation and tagging of new fawns
  • Pen Checks
  • Pen maintenance
  • Genetic sampling, and logging into necessary websites(GMS, TWIMS, NADR)
  • Care for exotic animals in pens
  • Setting snares and traps, and predator control

Generally, my job is mostly animal based but I am willing to work on other things. My tractor knowledge is slim, but I am open to learning and improving.

Housing is preferred. I am willing and able to relocate to just about anywhere. I don’t come with any bad habits, just a 2 year old bird dog.

Willing to Relocate to: Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, and New Mexico

If you have/know of a place out there for me, please comment or reach out. Thank you.

Tahlia T.

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