Position Wanted: Seeking Permanent Ranch Work ~ Willing to relocate ~ Unique skills for right operation

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Willing to Relocate
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Full Time
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November 18, 2023
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

My name is J.B. B., and after 20+ years on the road as a traditional country music singer, recording engineer, and videographer, I’ve been doing some pick-up work on a few ranches out here in eastern NC since Covid, and am looking for a permanent, long term job in this business. I have run plenty of feed, done some wrangling, some basic maintenance, dragging, mowing, and even some cooking. I have also done some property security for folks while they’re abroad on the show circuit. I’m reliable, humble, honest, and considerate.

Beyond that, I can bring something unique to your ranch: if you have any desire to showcase your operation via social media, commercial advertisements, or anything else that requires audio / video production, you’d have built-in resources through me if I were a part of your team. I have my own equipment, and have seen some folks pull in some serious ad revenue off of YouTube and such. I have the skills to do that for you if it’s something you’re interested in. (I can provide samples of my work upon request.)

About me:

Healthy and strong in my mid-forties, with no wife, kids, or criminal record — my dog Buddy is my world. I’m more than willing to relocate for the right opportunity. That said, if I relocate, housing will be necessary. The ranch life is something that won my heart when the pandemic took a lengthy career out from under me, and I now want something I can build upon. I want to saddle up with a ranch that will appreciate me, and that I can have a life-long relationship with.

I am no career cowboy, and I didn’t grow up in this business, but I love what little I’ve experienced within it, and I bring a unique set of skills to the table despite my lack of saddle time. Are you looking for someone you’d like to keep around? Someone you can rely on to support your operation? Someone you can build and broaden things with? Someone you’ll be grateful to have on your side? Drop me a line, and let’s see if I’m what you need —and if you’re what I need. I’m ready to go all-in and invest myself fully into the right ranch.

If you’ve read this far, I look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless!


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