Position Wanted: Ranch Aide/Caretaker

Posted in on May 30, 2017

Brady T.


[email protected]





Job Type

Full or Part Time


Description :

Early bird gets the worm!

Title of Job Wanted:: Seeking job on ranch or lake house property assisting owner & helping take care of animals

Detailed Description of Job You Desire:: I am a 51 year old male with minor physical challenges who loves God & country and animals. If you are a widow or patient family please consider my ad. For the past 15 years, I have worked with an older couple helping them to maintain their rental properties. I have a lot to offer and I am willing to learn new skills to help wherever needed.

Phone:: 972-743-0677
Email:: [email protected]

Type of Employment Desired:: Full or Part Time
Experience Horseback Riding:: None
Experience Cow/Calves: None
Experience Roping: None
Experience Calving: None
Experience Fencing: None
Experience Cook/Chef: None
Experience at Dude/Guest Ranch: None
Experience Front Office / Administrative: None
Need Room & Board?: Yes
What States Are You Willing to Move To?: Texas