Position Wanted: Seeking Ranch Hand opportunity for Family Man

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Jake H.

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Willing to Relocate: West of Mississippi River
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Full Time
To be discussed
Date Posted
October 1, 2023
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

My name is Jake and I’m a 30 year old Christian man with wife and two boys (8 and 10) looking for work mainly on a commercial cattle ranch, will consider feedlot, seed-stock, etc. Not interested in equine facilities. We’re willing to relocate mainly west of the Miss River, mountain states preferred. Non-smoking/drinking/vaping/drugs. References available.

West TX ranch raised, left the industry for a few years before starting a family, then returned so that we could raise our boys with old fashioned values, work ethic, and tradition. Don’t gotta be a cowboy job but would like to find an outfit that will allow me at least some time on horseback. I work best in an intense environment and can handle pressure when needed. Im persistent and wont quit a job until I believe it’s been done right. In a world where people have gotten soft I believe you gotta stand out for being tough and persistent, and being a man of your word.

Experienced in most aspect of ranching, haying, cattle handling including low stress techniques, irrigation, ditch/dirt work, and some machinery. Mechanical skills are limited to routine troubleshooting and repairs cause I’m not a mechanic. I also have limited welding abilities but am familiar with the setups/safety and can do a little but would like to learn more if possible. I’m no stranger to long days or the frustrations that can come with this work but it’s what I love doing and we’re ready to make a move.

Housing is needed with at least 2 bedrooms. Wife works remotely with an internet connection but is willing/able to step in when her schedule permits. The boys are active and curious and are gaining their own skills and would be involved where possible. Remote location is OK if there is school bus access nearby. Would like to have most Sundays off but am willing to work something out if that’s a difficulty. Salary and those details can be discussed if it seems like we might be a good fit.


If it sounds like me and my family could be an asset to your outfit I’d be interested in speaking. Please contact me via email listed. Thanks for your time and God Bless.

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