Position Wanted: Seeking Ranch Manager / Couples position ~ Willing to relocate

Travis W.

Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
June 11, 2024
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

I have exclusive Private/Commercial estate hunting ranch experience from complete operations to guest services and I am currently seeking a permanent long-term position. I have a passion for the industry, a can-do attitude, and take great pride in my work and home. Well suited and able to work proficiently in all climates. I am 52 in a committed relationship, originally from Texas. Below please find a description of my previous responsibilities in the Ranching/Hunting/Fishing industries. Currently reside in Hondo, Texas.

General Management Skills/Responsibilities

  • Complete operations (Bookings, Budgeting, forecasting/reporting)
  • Establish and implemented plans for over-all operations/development
  • Hiring and Training of Staff, proficient in team building (management of 6-8 full-time employees)
  • Diverse Client Relations
  • Working Proficiently with others, ability to lead and/or follow
  • Complete Domestic/Guest care such as but not limited to: detailed cleaning, mechanical maintenance, cooking, laundry etc.

General Experience/Skills

  • Farming commercial/wildlife conventional/no-till
  • Mechanical/ general maintenance to complete repair
  • Welding/complete fabrication
  • Small/Heavy equipment operations Dozer/excavator/skid steer/ farm equipment
  • HVAC, appliances maintenance and repair
  • Electrical/ Plumbing installation, diagnosis and repair
  • Advanced carpentry
  • Wing shooting (Upland/Waterfowl) and Big game guide 20 years
  • USCG Captains License as well as Fresh and Saltwater Charter Experience License #USA000047750
  • Preventative maintenance, cutting operation cost and down time

Habitat responsibilities/Skills

  • Permits/License State and Federal regulations
  • Design/Management (upland birds, waterfowl, protein supplement feeding, food plots) Design and management overall habitat, Deer breeder, MLD, DMP, Twims and exotic, diversified income.
  • Controlled Burning
  • Weed identification control/eradication
  • Deer Herd/exotics Management within habitat limits
  • Complete Predation control, keeping it within a natural balance

Wingshooting Responsibilities/Experience

  • Complete development, scheduling and booking hunts and guest relations
  • Sporting Clays, 5-stand and wobble trap complete design/ operations
  • 16 years of gundog Training/ handling start to finish
  • Kennel Facility management
  • Bird orders: scheduling/purchasing contracts with vendors

We are able to work proficiently with others and/or alone, communicate respectfully to management, proprietors and employees in all given situations. Complete ability to relate to diverse client’s needs and or wants through proper communications and professionalism. Respect for proprietors, management and the ability to take as well as direct verbal or written directions or request. Can do attitude, willingness to learn new ventures as well as the ability to adapt to any given situation. In a committed relationship, children are grown .

Spouse has extensive experience with guest/ domestic care, Facility Maintenance, assisting with habitat work, equipment operations (lawn and shredding, skidsteer) horse and animal husbandry.


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

[email protected]


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