Position Wanted: Seeking Ranch Manager / Foreman Job Opportunity (in TX, NM, FL, AK, ID, MT, WY)

Austin B.

Willing to Relocate: TX, NM, FL, AK, ID, MT, WY)
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
May 8, 2024
Housing Needed
10+ yrs


I am seeking a ranch manager position with an emphasis on wildlife management, preferably in Texas. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in ranch management and ranch operations, specializing in wildlife, and possessing a diverse skill set encompassing equipment operations, animal handling, guiding hunts, range management, plumbing, water well maintenance, mechanical repair, employee management, breeding operations, infrastructure maintenance, building maintenance, fencing, and much more, I am confident my abilities will help you achieve your goals.

During my time as a rancher, I have developed a deep understanding of wildlife management practices, ensuring the preservation and enhancement of natural habitats while fostering sustainability in multiple ecosystems across Texas. My proficiency in equipment operations and mechanical repair has enabled me to efficiently maintain and operate various machinery and vehicles essential for ranch operations. Additionally, my experience in animal handling, coupled with my experience in creating and implementing breeding plans, has resulted in the successful management of diverse wildlife populations, optimizing productivity and quality.

I possess a strong background in range management, implementing strategies to maximize forage production, prevent erosion, and promote overall land health. My expertise in plumbing and water well maintenance has been instrumental in ensuring reliable water sources for both livestock and infrastructure needs. Moreover, my proficiency in infrastructure maintenance has contributed to the preservation and enhancement of ranch facilities, ensuring a safe and functional environment for both employees and livestock.

As a seasoned hunting guide, I have facilitated memorable experiences for clients while prioritizing safety and ethical practices. My dedication to employee management has fostered a collaborative work environment, promoting team cohesion and productivity.

I am eager to bring my passion for ranch management and wildlife conservation to help improve your overall ranching experience. I am confident that my skills and experience will contribute to your ranch’s success.

Willing to relocate: Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

[email protected]


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