Position Wanted: Stablehand / Horse Trainer

Delanie M.

Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
July 22, 2020
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

20-year-old girl with 12 years of horse experience looking for a live-in position (unless you are near Peoria, Arizona).

I grew up riding horses (western-barrels, trails, roping). While my family wasn't financially fit to have our own animals, I was fortunate enough to find a community of "horse people" who adopted me as their own and taught me everything they knew, as well as allowed me to ride & use their animals. Thanks to them, my experience is large for my age, and I'm looking to turn what I know and love into a career.

I have been a stablehand for a 12 stall ranch. My job was to feed & clean stalls twice daily, take horses to turn-out on rotation, exercise horses(round pen, riding), administer medication, organize the tack room, organize riding events/competitions, and overall manage the property in the owner's absence for around a year.

On the side, I train horses and riders. I work with green foals, yearlings, problem horses, and wild horses. I'm comfortable working with any animal, and riding horses that are dead broke, totally wild, and everything in between. I put a focus on connection & groundwork before riding, to ensure no tricky habits are created before they are under saddle. I believe a connection with the animals goes much farther than outright physcal discipline.

I also offer riding lessons for ages 8+. I teach basic riding and barrel racing.

My goal in life is to someday own my own ranch where I can offer training for both animals and riders. I'd like to find a job where I can dip my toes into that lifestyle and work alongside someone who has already achieved what I want. I want to learn from you, pick your brain, and use you as inspiration.

I have asthma, so jobs that are physically demanding (cleaning stalls) may take me a bit longer than other people- but I promise I'll get the job done RIGHT and you won't have any complaints. I was never taught how to be handy with tools, but I am eager to learn if you're willing to teach me.

Looking for a live-in position so that I can stay on the property. Being able to ride on occasion is a huge plus- that is my passion and what makes me the happiest. I'd also be happy to work with & train your horses. I am not opposed to moving out of Arizona for the right job. I love travel & moving around, so don't let my current location deter you if you're interested in what you're reading. I'd love to talk to you.

What I can offer:

  • Live-in employee
  • Stablehand work (cleaning stalls, feeding, turn-out, administering medication, etc)
  • Organizing the property
  • Planning & running events/competitions
  • Training horses
  • Lessons
  • Exercising horses
  • Front-office work (answering phones, keeping records, emails, organization, social media management)

My experience:

  • 1 year stablehand experience
  • 12 years of riding experience
  • 2 years of operating riding lessons
  • 1 year vet tech experience
  • 1 year event planning
  • 4 years customer service experience

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty or to learn new things. I love the "ranch life" & everything that comes with it. I'm a dedicated and hard worker with big dreams and an even bigger drive to accomplish them. If you're willing to take me under your wing, I'll never let you down.

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