Position Wanted: Swiss Family seeking Ranch Hand opportunity ~ Seasonal (Sept-Oct)

Kim & Chris

+41-794882470 // WhatsApp: 0041794882470
Willing to Relocate
Job Type
House & boarding
Date Posted
May 9, 2024
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

My name is Kim and together with my husband, Chris, we have 3 kids. Liv 6, Eddy 2, Ford 1.

We are living in Switzerland. Chris is a heavy duty mechanic, welder and passionate hunter.

Every year we go as a family for about two month somewhere to work. Many times we were in Tanzania. Last year we went to Canada to work on a bison farm. Chris worked there as a mechanic, butcher, welder and all the outdoor works. Now we are looking for an other farm/ranch to stay and help with work. We are very uncomplicated and love to be outdoors and work with our hands.

We are Christians and believe in God.

We are planning to stay for something like room and boarding.

Do you think there is a possibility to join your team in September and October?

Best regards from Switzerland.

Kim and family


Reach out via email or phone (WhatsApp) at your convenience.

Kim & Family


[email protected]

+41-794882470 // WhatsApp: 0041794882470

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