Position Wanted: Unstoppable Duo seeking Long Term Ranch / Guest Ranch Employment ~ Willing to Relocate

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Kristen S.

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Willing to Relocate ~ mountain preference
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Full Time
Dependent on position
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January 2, 2024
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

We are a rural Oklahoma raised husband & wife team looking to relocate and join an operation with a mission!

With experience in everything from business management and performance horses to farming, welding and even research & development in heavy equipment we bring a load of skills to the table.

-Why are you looking for a ranch or guest ranch position?

With endless experience in farming, ranching and the horse industry both of us have a strong desire to “live the life” and surround ourselves with people doing the same. Both of us enjoy getting our hands dirty and reaping the rewards of our hard work and come with a skillset to be an asset to any operation.

-How can you support our ranch or guest ranch?

Brad was raised on a cattle and farming operation! Not only did he grow up with it but spent 3 years as a farm hand for a large operation in the area. He has spent the last 15 years working for Ditch Witch, first as a welder and most recently in Product Development. He is handy on any machine he jumps on! Brad also has a commercial drivers license and is unafraid to haul any load.

Kristen started working for a performance horse ranch at 15 years old and dedicated 8 years to them before the ranch sold. From finishing a cutting horse and tuning up a reiner to managing the barn and the clients, she has had her hand in it all.

This duo has spent the last 5 years working together to support their families in their land and cattle operations, too.

-How are you unique?

What really makes us an asset is that we are both considered a “jack of all trades” and can wear many hats in an operation like this. Brad can jump in the semi and haul a load to town or step in the shop and repair the skidsteer (or tractor, or lawn mower, or chainsaw, or, or, or) – and so many things in between. He’s extremely adaptable and not afraid to dig in and figure something out.

Kristen brings a unique set of skills in that she can tune up your horses or operate the social media for your business. She can help sort cattle and she can also provide leadership for other employees and manage all of the “office” backend pieces of the business. She is a photographer, excels in sales and customer relations and effortlessly adapts to any task at hand.

There is such a broad and unique range of skills with this team that you’re getting more than you’d ever imagine with these two!

-Who are you when you’re not working?

While the running joke around here is that we are always working, we do enjoy some “free time” every now and then. We are avid outdoors people and love to hunt, fish, hike, ride and adventure outside! Our favorite thing to do is probably spend weeks at a time in the back country of Colorado. It’s not uncommon to catch us waging war on cedar trees or hauling pipe in our spare time, though!

-What do you need?

An ideal situation would be a long term “legacy” type position. We are not “job hoppers” and have both been with our current companies for over 12 years. Our salary as a duo is negotiable depending on the job requirements for each of us and housing is preferred. We do have a 5 year old daughter (fear not, she’s made for ranch life) and a dog. We are very familiar with and comfortable living in a remote area and quite honestly, prefer to do so.

We are ready for a change and a big move, are open to a challenge and are willing to pour our hearts and souls into an operation!

We are happy to have a conversation to see if we’d be a good fit. Will also provide our full resumes and references!


Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

Kristen s

Kristen s

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