Private Gardener / General House Assistant needed at Private Hunting Ranch in Florida

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Amistad Ranch

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Okeechobee, FL
Job Type
Full Time
By experience
Date Posted
September 12, 2023
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Knowledge & Skills

  • Core traits that include integrity, openness, passion & innovation
  • Understand concepts such as being anticipatory, friendly not familiar, privacy and confidentiality.
  • Self-motivated and proactive and able to work un-supervised
  • Highly professional standards and a background in gardening is essential
  • Must have excellent working knowledge of chainsaws and commercial mowers
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Proven record of accomplishment with large gardens, lawn care and tree maintenance.

Overview of business

Amistad is two adjoining ranches creating a 4,100-acre private hunting ranch situated eight miles east of the town of Okeechobee. It has extensive forestry, Lakes, farmland and a large 80-acre parkland area. The ranch is maintained to the highest of standards and is primarily kept as a private hunting preserve for the ranch owner, his family, and friends.

The workforce includes a full time Forester, Groundsman, Gamekeepers, Ranch Foreman, Dog trainers, General Farm workers, along with a seasonal House Manager, Chef and Housekeeper.

The ranch also has a Cow/Calf operation, Game bird rearing/holding pens along with extensive hunting dog kennels. There are numerous staff houses within the ranch fenced in boundaries, all of which are kept to the highest standards.

The ranch has two main seasons, the hunting season (Nov-April) and maintenance season (May-October) The large dog kennels found at Amistad, house some of the very best American and British gundogs and are an extremely important part of the ranch.

The ranch hunts extensively during the winter months with shoots every Saturday when the owner is in residence. Amistad is primarily a bird hunting ranch for Quail, Pheasant and Partridge, but wild boar, whitetail deer and turkey can also be found on the ranch,

Outline of role and responsibilities

  • Working with and as directed by the owner’s wife to maintain to the highest of standards, a large private house garden, to include, Vegetable Garden, Shrubberies, Lawns, Entry roads, Garden paths and Trees found within the immediate vicinity of the main lodge.
  • Responsible as part of the maintenance team for creating a clean and healthy environment for all those that visit Amistad Ranch.
  • Responsible for sourcing from log pile and providing firewood as and when required by the house manager.
  • Being available at weekends or evenings for family members when they are residence, this includes transporting the owners from around the ranch if required, ensure the owners grandchildren electric carts are kept fully charged and available when required. Washing dogs (Labradors) after hunt days. Be prepared to work long hours and be available as and when required.
  • Along with the ranch manager meet the owner, his wife, family, or guests on arrival, this may be via car or helicopter and be responsible for transferring luggage from the car/helicopter to the main house.

Specific responsibilities.

  • Safety: Safety of the owners, staff and guests is a vital part of the role and must be the foremost priority when planning day-to-day operations or events.
  • Lawn care: Regular Mowing, Weed Treatment, Pesticide applications, Rolling, Scarifying, Sweeping and fertilizing the extensive lawns and surrounding parkland areas found within the immediate vicinity of the main lodge.
  • Vegetable Garden – Plan, Plant and maintain the current vegetable garden in order to produce fresh produce for use in the main house kitchen throughout the winter months.
  • Tree’s: The areas surrounding the main house have extensive numbers of trees; these vary from Florida natives to more exotic tree types and a small orange grove. You will be responsible for pruning and annual care of these trees and will ensure that they are pruned at the correct times of the year. You will also ensure that they are kept disease free and are fertilized as and when required.
  • Driving – On occasion you will be required to collect the owner, his wife or guest from around the ranch or for transporting them in the company vehicles to hunting areas within the ranch. On occasions, you may also be required to drive the owner and his family to the local airport.
  • Family garden toys: You will be responsible for a variety of children’s garden toys, these may include Electric go-carts, bicycles, trampoline, Segways, table tennis tables etc. You will make sure they are kept in a well-maintained condition and as well as correctly charge the electric toys. You must ensure they are correctly stored when not in use and make them available when the family’s children and grandchildren are at the ranch
  • Firewood/Fireplaces: You will be responsible for sourcing & splitting good dry hardwood from the firewood stacks at Amistad and will stock the various log baskets in the main property. If the fireplaces are utilized during the day, it will be your responsibility to re-stock fire baskets.
  • Lifting Duties: You will be responsible along with the house staff for the loading and un-loading of luggage from a variety of vehicle such as private Jets, Helicopters, and cars.

General Responsibilities

  • Family and guest experience: Working with the ranch team ensure that the owner, his family and their guest’s time at Amistad is always a five-star experience and that they are always satisfied with their stay at Amistad.
  • Standards: At all times, operate with the highest of standards at all locations under the responsibility of Amistad Ranch.
  • First Aid: Ensure that any company first aid kits issued to you are kept up to date and that guests and staff have access to them when required.
  • Updated: Try to keep abreast of current trends within the industry such as Industry Standards, Tradeshows, and Equipment etc.


  • Housing to include Electric, water, septic property Taxes
  • 12 days of vacation time on an annual basis
  • Performance related bonus scheme
  • 1/4 side of ranch beef provided annually
  • Tip Share
  • Opportunities for professional development and training


Forward cover letter & resume to our email address. Or call for more info.

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