Ranch Caretaker Couple Needed in Sierra Nevada Mtns of California

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Peppermint Sky Ranch

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Johnsondale, CA
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Full Time
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January 2, 2019

Accepting application immediately for happy husband/wife couple to hire by middle 2019 (or sooner) to live and work on our ranch property located in the Southern California Sierra Nevada range.

The ranch:
• 320-acre property
• 4500’ altitude, with snow only a couple months of the year
• 100% surrounded by national forest, but paved road all the way
• Waterfalls and stream flow in and out of the property
• A couple cabins and shops
• Airstrip and helipad with hangar
• Corrals (but no horses or cattle at the moment)
• Management company and 50+ potential member-owners

Job qualifications and duties (including but not limited to):
• Greet ranch member-owners in town or at forest service gate who fly or drive in
• Greet and possibly host small fly-fishing or river-rafting groups
• General maintenance of all rolling ranch stock equipment (tractor, truck, etc)
• Maintenance of on-site HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, solar, generator, fueling, camera, internet systems
• Winterize irrigation systems as necessary
• Welding, building, framing, carpentry
• Maintenance of trails, roads, and fences on property
• Landscape maintenance including trees, shrub maintenance, firewood splitting, sprinkler systems, caring for turf airstrip, etc
• Fueling owner-member planes or helicopters when flown in
• Care and feeding of a small number of horses and cattle that will come later
• Assist member-owners and their guests with horse riding and instruction as needed
• Care for other small animals or garden that we may bring on later
• Plant annuals and maintain perennials around property
• Possible future pond maintenance
• Cleaning cabins after owner-members stay
• Find and locate parts online to be picked up or shipped up from valley area
• Work weekends and some holidays
• Purchase and cook food for periodic member-owner fly-in barbeques
• Assistance with other ranch duties when needed and as primary duties allow
• As property caretakers, you report to property manager-owner
• Applicants must be fit and willing to help with physical demands
• Couple team must live on-site and be comfortable living in the mountains year round and in an isolated environment during the weekdays and busy but fun environment on the weekends. Need to be able to work alone, but also be comfortable taking direction from the ranch managers and working with a small team.
• Must have valid driver’s license
• Pass periodic physician physical and drug tests
• Background check and references required, no criminal record or outstanding warrants
• Grouchy, bitter, or slanderous people need not apply. Same goes for druggies, drunkards, and perpetually sick and lazy persons. Additionally, we have a ZERO drug tolerance policy and the equipment you’ll be working on or around is safety sensitive.

Job benefits:
• On-site housing, utilities, and internet paid for
  o Incredibly beautiful place to live, and house is clean, well kept, is directly on a small trout stream, and has gorgeous views
  o Children welcome but unfortunately house is only 1-bedroom, 2-bath and location is over an hour from nearest school
• Work vehicle
• Salary and select benefits. Salary negotiable with experience.
• Possible owner-member tips
• Weekly and yearly vacation time off
• Beautiful location for living, riding, and fishing
• Can have your own horses or pets on-site as well if you have them.
• We’re honest and fair. Treat us right and we’ll treat you right.

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