Ranch Caretaker needed at Working Bison Ranch near Great Falls, Montana

Big Sky Bison Ranch

Vaughn, MT
Job Type
Full or Part Time
Date Posted
April 3, 2024
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Big Sky Bison Ranch is seeking an energetic and experienced ranch caretaker for a small working bison ranch fifteen miles west of Great Falls, Montana.

This part-time job offers full-time, on-ranch accommodation in a prairie ranch setting, in a lovely completely renovated Caretakers house. Everything is brand new!

We expect the Ranch Caretaker to work 3 hours per day (21 hours per week), the rest of your time is for your own use.

We are seeking a mature, clean, fastidious, responsible, conscientious, non-smoking, minimal drinking homebody with verifiable farm/ranch experience and preferably with experience working with bison. This is NOT an ideal position for someone who commutes off the property to work an off ranch full time job daily. This may be a good fit for an active and fit semi or retired ranch manager, ranch hand, seasonal worker, retiree, or a remote(on-line) employee. A single individual without live in dependents or pets is preferred, however, we will consider a qualified couple without children. The primary reason we do not want children living on the property is owing to the hazards and liability of living in proximity with pasture raised bison. A single well-behaved and trained non yippy, non-aggressive friendly breed dog may be considered and would need to be kept in a fenced yard. Dogs(“wolves” to bison) are considered to be a threat by bison, and may trigger exaggerated fight or flight responses, which is why we prefer to not have dogs on the property.

The ranch caretaker work requires a strong, fit, healthy individual who is organized, observant and respectful of other people’s property, respectful and calm around bison, a good communicator, able to regularly lift/load 30 lbs. buckets of cake and occasional 50 lbs. sacks of mineral, and willing and able to complete all daily chores. Applicants should be handy and able to diagnose typical ranch type problems, do some maintenance and make typical ranch repairs. Excellent references, and a resume are required.

Salary: The compensation package is valued at $36,000/year. Calculated as $24,000/year traded for accommodation expenses, plus $12,000/year for 21 hours per week work, bringing the total package, not including other work that may be approved to a total of $36,000/year. Approved work, outside of the three hours per day may be compensated for separately at a pre-negotiated hourly pay rate of no greater than $25.00/hour.

Please copy and paste, or click on this link for full job description and details:

Experience working with bison is preferred.


Please email your resume and contact information to our email address listed, and briefly describe why you believe you will be a good fit for this position.

Thank you, we look forward to chatting!

Big Sky Bison - Montana

Big Sky Bison - Montana

Big Sky Bison - Montana

Big Sky Bison - Montana

[email protected]

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