Ranch Caretaker(s) needed in Beautiful Mountains of Wyoming


Big Horn Mountain Range, WY
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
April 8, 2024
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

Caretaker(s) needed for 400+ acre ranch in Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Stunning views.

Individual or Couple needed. Ideally a working couple where one half can clean living areas on a routine basis while other works on the ranch or a combination of the two.

Looking for long term couple or individual, 5+ years ideally; will have a 30 day notice for termination of employment option in job offer.

Nice 2 bedroom Cabin Included in Employment. Utilities included. Free housing on prime real estate, $30k a year value , free.

Owners and family enjoy their privacy and caretakers need to be mindful of that, caretakers need to be happy to work and maintain ranch with minimal interaction with owners, owners family and friends , and ranch visitors, unless asked by ranch management to do so.

Must be okay with picking up family, friends from airport (1 hr 30 min away) on occasion.

This is a 7 day a week, year round position with 2 weeks paid vacation per year with owners and management being in and out of the property seasonally, sometimes absentee owners and need reliable and trustworthy caretakers year round. will include but not limited to: manual labor, landscaping, fence repair and install, horse work, equipment operation (tractor, truck + trailer, skid steer, mini excavator) and maintenance; bending, lifting , irrigation system and reservoir water system operation repair and maintenance etc.

It’s slower in the winters and flexibility is required , for every day in the winter that is a 3-4 hr work day, we may ask for 10 hour days in the summer to compensate for such.

Averages to 30-40 hour work weeks.

Specific Duties: Daily feeding, watering, care, oversight, and training of 4-8 horses.

Irrigation system operation and maintenance; this is where the 7 days come into play, as well as the horses being a 7 day a week job in the winter. In summer months pulling irrigation wheels out to pasture and back in at night is an absolute must almost everyday.

Routine maintaining and grounds upkeep. Cleaning horse barn stalls and alleyways etc, Maintaining a pristine facility is vital to this position. Having an eye and initiative to keep the ranch looking and operating as well as possible. Landscaping, weed eating etc. Initiative and work ethic cannot be stressed enough.

Required from the individual or from one half of the caretakers couple would be weekly deep cleaning of 3+ cabins, gym, and horse barn living quarters.

Must be good with working with additional hired hands and maintaining good working relationships with any coworkers. Must be okay with taking direction.

Please reach out with any questions. Great atmosphere and beautiful peaceful ranch to work and live on.


Forward cover letter & resume to our email address. Or call for more info.

[email protected]


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