[FILLED] Ranch Couple Needed at California Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary

Montgomery Creek Ranch






Elk Creek, CA

Job Type

Full Time


Description :

We are looking for a couple to work under our resident ranch manager at our remote ranch in California, 1.5 hours north of Sacramento. The ideal couple would have one person that excels at riding and training horses of all ages and a second person who has the experience to assist the ranch manager with overall ranch duties.

The rider should be very experienced with knowledge of “natural horsemanship”. Meaning good, common sense horsemanship with practical-based non-violent training tailored to each individual horse’s needs. You would be working with our resident trainer. Your ability to gentle and start colts would be a major plus.

The ranch hand should be someone who can assist the manager with the daily care of horses, both wild and domestic, and with the general upkeep of the ranch, including hayfield/pasture irrigation, weed control, maintenance and repair of ranch equipment, fencing, etc.

Both positions are physically demanding and may have irregular hours.

Competitive salary, based on experience.

A furnished three bedroom home on the property and health benefits are provided.

Contact us with bio & resume: [FILLED]