Ranch-Hand/ Caretaker Needed in Colorado

Robert & Deborah K.


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Lyons, CO

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Description :

Dear Potentially Interested Applicants,

My husband and I are looking to hire a Ranch-Hand/Caretaker to help run and maintain our 20+ acre Horse Ranch located in Lyons, Colorado.

The Rand-Hand job would be for a fixed 32 hours per week. These hours would be divided amongst the many necessary chores. Please see the Ranch-Hand ‘Work Description’ below.

An additional 8 hours per week would be for House-Sitting/Caretaking when we travel. Our intention is to pay a consistent 40 hours/week for 52 weeks which would include 3 paid weeks of vacation (taken in increments of a minimum 1 week at a time).

House –Sitting/Caretaking of the Ranch House is at various times throughout the year. The 8 hours per week would be paid even though we may not travel that week. These 8 hours would accumulate and be used when we travel.

PLEASE NOTE: This job does not offer housing or benefits, and we do not have the space for a trailer. The Rand-Hand/Caretaker must have experience working with horses and must have a 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle to be able to drive up to the ranch in the winter.

I am an Equine-Guided Coach and host sessions and workshops at the Ranch, therefore wise and experienced loving care and maintenance of the ranch and animals is our priority.

Work Description:
– Caring for 5 horses and 1 Burro, chickens and dogs, which includes grooming and exercising.
– Feeding – morning feedings and some evenings.
– Mucking stalls and dry lot, keeping barn clean and organized.
– Maintaining feed and supplies, supervising deliveries and pick-ups.
– Pasture Maintenance – bush hogging, harrowing, turning the manure pile, spreading manure, fertilizing.
– Grounds Maintenance – mowing, weed-eating, weeding, raking, gardening, watering, and snow removal.
– Equipment maintenance.
– Hauling water.
– Tractor work.
– Small repairs; carpentry skills are a plus.
– House sitting when we need to travel.

If you are interested, please email: [email protected] . It is also necessary that we have a chance to meet in person and spend some time together before we make a final commit to long-term employment

Many thanks,
Deborah Inanna

Contact: [email protected]