Ranch Hand Needed at Dude Ranch in WY

Heart Six Ranch


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Moran, WY

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Description :

The Old Wild West, horses, and the image of a cowboy is an important part of the dude ranch experience. All of the ranch hands are required to dress appropriately for the job.

A cowboy hat is to be worn at all times. A clean button down long sleeve western shirt, clean jeans and cowboy boots are required at all times on the ranch. No sweatshirts, stocking caps or tennis shoes while on duty with the guests. There are exceptions when working on certain projects. A Heart Six Shirt and a Heart Six Hat are acceptable alternative when doing outside duties.

The ranch hand’s duties include but not limited to guiding guests on Yellowstone Tours, Airport Pickups/ Drop Offs, Transportation to and from Rodeo, saddling, feeding, watering lawns, cleaning tack, stalls, and tack rooms, scooping manure, fence repair, trail maintenance, firewood cutting, and any general maintenance and carpentry.

Here at Heart Six, everybody wears different hats. There will be times when your help is needed in other areas of the ranch duties.

At beginning of the season you will be introduced to the Facilities and Operations Manager and he is in charge of all the ranch hands. They are in charge of appointing who does what on what days. If you have questions or comments, you will talk to the Facilities and Operations Manager. Ranch Hands will work six days a week unless they have ranch duty.

Salary: $1,100/month



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