Ranch Help Needed in Texas – $20/hr to start

Gabriele S.


[email protected]




Outside Marble Falls, TX

Job Type

Part Time




Description :

A knowledgeable person who likes animals and is not fearful of little critters. Need to be able to handle tractors and work with tractors. Need to be able to attach moving equipment, spray weed on large fields with spray equipment. Need to repair gates if needed. Need to be available in case of an emergency with the animals or else.

Start pay: $20.00 per hour, need to work at least two full days weekly. cleaning horses stable, cleaning chicken stable, repair and maintain tractors if needed. weed eat pasture and around the house, purchase animal food in bulk, also projects like repair horse water, maintain deer feeder and dear water place, repair fence if needed. Repair road after a big rain. Maintain horse water and horse pasture.

If you know anyone with all these qualities willing to work on my ranch, please, please contact me.

call: 512-576-9130
email: [email protected]