Ranch Manager & Caretaker needed 1,500-acre Private Ranch in Medina County, Texas ~ $36k + housing

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Lonesome Deer Ranch

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D'Hanis, TX
Job Type
Full or Part Time
$36,000/yr + housing & utilities
Date Posted
January 3, 2023
Housing Offered
10+ yrs

This position is for that of the Ranch Manger and Caretaker of Lonesome Deer Ranch who would be responsible for the overall management of the property and grounds as well as helping to maintain the native whitetail deer herd and a small cattle herd. The Ranch is in Medina County, Texas, south of D’Hanis. It is a 1,500-acre private Ranch used for recreational hunting and fishing. It is not a commercial operation. Only Owner family and friends use the Ranch. This position includes the general maintenance of the Ranch facilities including the housing compounds, the pastures, fencing, etc.

The work required for this position can, very comfortably, be performed over the course of a 40-hour work week. This is a position which could be done in conjunction with other, non-Ranch related, work as performed by the candidate. In other words, this could be a part-time position if other work obligations or opportunities exist for the candidate. This would need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the Owner in terms of flexibility of schedule.

Minimum Qualifications

The ideal candidate would be a person (or preferably a couple with no children) who has 10 to 15+ years’ living experience on a farm or ranch and is looking for stable work and living conditions. Knowledge and experience of what constitutes life and working conditions and requirements on a ranch is required. The Ranch Manager must be a trusted self-starter that can troubleshoot problems without the need for hands-on oversight. The candidate must have a hospitable nature who can warmly greet guests and help accommodate family and guests’ needs while on the Ranch. While a work truck is provided for Ranch use, the Ranch Manager candidate must have his own personal vehicle for personal use.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of all compound improvements which includes workshops, housing, and other structures. This maintenance work involves general plumbing and electrical work as well as other general building maintenance (woodwork, painting, etc.). It is NOT required that the candidate be a licensed plumber or electrician; however, it is required that the candidate has basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical services typical on a ranch.
  • Ground maintenance of the housing compounds which includes a Ranch HQ compound and an adjoining older house compound. This includes mowing of the grass, edging, and trimming of shrubs and trees. Fertilizing, spraying chemicals for weed control, etc.
  • Providing supplemental feed to the deer herd as required. This includes buying feed, filling feeders, etc.
  • Monitoring the condition of the cattle herd and selling off the calves at the appropriate time, supplemental feeding as required, etc. This includes hauling calves to the Hondo market occasionally.
  • Tractor work to include shredding and grading of roads, senderos, and fields as needed (JD 6605 Tractor available). This also includes spraying of fence lines, fields, and other various areas to keep the invasive species down.
  • Bulldozer and Skid Steer work to include brush and pond management as well as all types of earthwork (JD 550J dozer and 331G skid steer available). It is NOT required that the candidate be an experienced heavy equipment operator but must have some familiarity with such equipment.
  • General welding of equipment as needed. It is NOT required that the candidate be a certified welder; however, it is required that the candidate at least have some knowledge of general welding and be willing and able to learn how to weld. The ranch has both stick and wire welding equipment in a welding shop.
  • General carpentry repairs of various items and structures.
  • General painting of various items and structures as needed for maintenance purposes.
  • General vehicle maintenance as typical on a ranch and the ordering of fuel for bulk storage tanks as required.
  • Deer blind and feeder pen repairs and maintenance.
  • General fence construction, maintenance, and repairs including driving T-posts, wire tightening, etc.
  • Brush management of all types including mechanical removal with equipment, chemical spraying, and hand work as needed.
  • During hunting season, helping put out hunters in blinds and the cleaning of deer harvested for processing.

Working Conditions & Provisions

The candidate will be working and living on the Ranch. A two-bedroom house on the Ranch is available for living which has internet and TV services. A work truck and fuel will be provided for work use only. The candidate must use his own personal vehicle for personal use (i.e., going to town for personal supplies or visiting others, etc.). A cell phone and a laptop will be provided as well.

Salary & Benefits

The intended salary is $36,000 per year as based upon the skills and experience of the candidate. Health insurance benefits may also be provided after an initial period; or, if insurance is obtained through other means, offsetting compensation may be considered. Three weeks of paid vacation is included.


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