Ranch Manager Couple position available at Ranch & Winery in Mckinney, Texas ~ $5k/mo

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Triple "R" Ranch & Winery

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McKinney, TX
Job Type
Full Time
$5,000/ Month
Date Posted
April 23, 2022
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

Triple “R” Ranch & Winery Manager Responsibilities:

1. Ranch Operations and Employees

Manage and supervise all ranch operations including hiring and firing of ranch hands. Selection and supervision of independent service contractors and suppliers.

2. All Property Structures including Old Main Cabin and Guest House, Conference Center, Winery, Carriage House, Chapel, Pavilion, Whisky Cabin, Shooting Range Facility, Hay and Equipment Barns, Load Out Facilities, Tool Shed, Deer Stands and Caretaker’s Home

Maintain and clean all living structures after each use and other structures as required. This includes changing the bedding, cleaning all kitchen and bathroom facilities, flooring, all other general cleaning responsibilities and trash removal. Supervise the pest control spraying by Adams Pest Control while the technician is on the property. This includes the Old Main Cabin, Guest House and Veranda, Whisky Cabin, Conference Center, Chapel, Pavilion, Winery, Shooting Range Building, Carriage House, and Caretaker’s Home.

3. Purchasing, Ordering and Receiving Ranch Operating Supplies

Purchase needed ranch operating supplies for repair and maintenance of buildings and equipment, tractors, ATV’s, and fencing. Purchase fuel, fertilizer, livestock feed, ranch supplies, cleaning and household supplies, and food and beverages for guests, etc.

4. Lawn and Landscape

Keep all lawns and landscape maintained appropriately and perform necessary replacement of dead landscape materials.

5. Deer and Pond Feeders

Fill and maintain all deer and pond feeders (monthly) including batteries for timers/clocks. Put out mineral, deer, and salt blocks as required at all deer feeders. Maintain the deer feed silos.

6. Building, Property and Equipment Maintenance

Perform light maintenance or hire appropriate contractors when necessary to repair and maintain buildings, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, fencing and water gaps, grounds, septic, well house, water system, automatic pest control system at the main cabin, gates, decks, bridges, landscape and sprinkler systems, ATV’s and all farm equipment. Keep equipment barn and tools organized and orderly at all times. Change all furnace air filters twice yearly and replace any light bulbs as needed.

ATV’s should be power washed as needed and stored in the Carriage House. Ensure that the two-strand electric fence surrounding the property is operating at all times.

7. Field, Trail and Road Maintenance

Arrange for Coop or Chambless Construction to fertilize all fields in the Spring and, if needed, in the fall. Cut and bail hay two to three times per year as required. (Chambless Construction generally assists with this responsibility for a share of the hay). Store hay in the hay barn and stack excess neatly on property in a fenced in area as needed. Keep gravel trails smooth by filling in or grading any washed-out areas. Keep concrete roads clear of debris by using the Kubota Track Loader Sweeper.

8. Cattle, Horses and Other Livestock

Arrange annual veterinarian services for vaccinations of the horses, donkey and lamas and schedule veterinarian services for any distressed livestock as needed. Feed livestock daily and maintain a healthy environment keeping the fields clear of debris and trash, particularly removal of any plastic or styrofoam. Feed the horses oats and the cattle ground drop pellets once daily. Put out sweet vie, salt and mineral blocks for the livestock as needed at all feeders and in each of the cattle fields. Purchase and place in the two 3000 lb. deer feeder troughs, worming pellets each Spring putting two 50 lb. bags in each feeding trough (1 per side). Ensure that the farrier is scheduled to attend to the donkeys and horses every six weeks. Arrange to have the lamas sheared twice a year. Round up and transport calves to market once or twice per year as required and transport horses as needed to veterinarian or training facilities as needed.

9. Hunting, Fishing, Skeet Shooting, Meals and other Guest Activities

Coordinate and oversee guest activities including guest conferences and preparation and serving of meals, ranch and facility tours, hunting, fishing, and skeet shooting as required.

To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address.

Visit website here: https://www.thetriplerranch.com/

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