Ranch Manager needed at Texas Hill Country Homestead ~ Couples Welcome

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Fredericksburg, TX
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
Date Posted
December 27, 2023
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

We’re a small family with a big vision: transforming our 80+ acre Hill Country property into a resilient, regenerative, diversified family ranch and homestead from the ground up. We’re committed to sustainable, organic, and permaculture practices, and we’re looking for an experienced and collaborative Ranch Manager or couple to help us make this vision a reality, which will feed our family and the local community.

The Opportunity:

We are in search of a passionate and dedicated individual or couple to be a long-term partner with us. The role extends beyond traditional ranch management responsibilities to encompass comprehensive management of the homestead, with a strong focus on establishing a self-sufficient and resilient lifestyle. As part of our homestead, you’ll not only contribute your skills but also have the opportunity to share in this lifestyle.


  • Prepare site for the introduction of, and assist in procurement of livestock, including cattle (beef and dairy), poultry (laying hens and meat birds)
  • Plan, design, and implement regenerative, rotational grazing practices
  • Maintain ranch infrastructure, such as ponds, roads, fencing, water system, deer blinds, feeders, ranch equipment/vehicles, etc., including repair and maintenance.
  • Assist in future implementation and manage operations of aquaponic growing system
  • Establish and maintain orchard
  • Manage all day-to-day operations, including planting, harvesting, routine animal care, milking, and seasonal processing
  • Minimize pesticide use and explore natural pest management techniques
  • Maintain and repair buildings, equipment, and infrastructure as needed
  • Handle year round maintenance projects, including weather-proofing, landscaping, trail maintenance, long-term food storage systems, etc.
  • Collaborate with family regularly to ensure the ranch aligns with vision and goals
  • Coordination with external vendors, partners, and suppliers as needed
  • Development of annual budgets and financial forecasts; provide approved invoices for payment and maintain weekly and monthly reports
  • Filling and maintaining deer feeders; cleaning/dressing animals during hunting season; occasionally guiding guests during hunting season
  • Ensure care, cleanliness and maintenance of all facilities and equipment are followed and documented, suitable for guests
  • This is not intended to be a M-F, 9-5 position; some overtime and weekend will be required on an as-needed basis


  • Experience in holistic, integrated ranching and homesteading
  • Knowledge of permaculture principles and regenerative practices
  • Proficiency in animal husbandry and garden, pasture, and orchard management
  • Proficiency in building and equipment maintenance and repair
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability or willing to learn to can food
  • Experience hunting, cleaning and dressing animals
  • Experience operating equipment such as bobcat and tractor; carpentry and welding skills are a plus
  • Must be trustworthy, self-motivated, and able to work independently

Why This is a Great Opportunity:

This position offers an exceptional opportunity for an experienced ranch/farm manager, dedicated couple, or a family. Located in Gillespie County, Texas, 20 minutes from both downtown Fredericksburg and Johnson City – two of the fasted growing communities in Texas, our ranch enjoys the beauty of Texas Hill Country and is situated within a wonderful family-friendly community, complete with great schools and nearby amenities.

As an integral part of our ranch, you’ll share in the potential bounty of our homestead. We are committed to stewarding the land and cultivating a diverse range of fresh, pasture-raised meat, milk and eggs; sustainably-grown vegetables (aquaponics); and fruits (orchard). Our vision is to share this future harvest with those who contribute to our ranch’s growth and success. This means you’ll have the chance to be a part of the journey towards providing wholesome and delicious produce and protein for a broader community.


We are looking for a candidate committed to seeing through the execution of the vision outlined above. This position is envisioned as a long-term, full-time role. We are potentially open to part-time arrangements for highly experienced candidates with a track record of exceptional performance.


We are open to different compensation arrangements, including annual salary, part-time hourly pay, BYO housing, or housing in exchange for work. We’re open to profit-sharing of ranch’s goods sold after covering operational costs, as well as access to the ranch’s products. Compensation will be discussed with the right candidate based on experience and goals alignment.


If you are a skilled ranch manager, a dedicated couple, or a family looking to immerse yourself in a sustainable, resilient life in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and if this opportunity aligns with your passion and experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email us a letter telling us about your background and experience and why you would love to be considered for this opportunity.

Applicants must be trustworthy, dependable, provide references, pass a background check and be drug-free, non-smoker.

We are a Christian, family-oriented operation and aspire to serve the Gillespie County community. We’re excited to welcome a dedicated Ranch Manager or couple to collaborate in the development and growth of our homestead.

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