Ranch Manager needed in Texas

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Private Family Ranch

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Piney Woods, TX
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Full Time
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July 15, 2019
5-10 yrs

Texas Ranch Manager needed

Duties and Responsibilities, and Job Description

I. Property Description: Located approximately 25 miles north of Huntsville, Texas. The property is family owned and is both a tree farm and recreational property. The tree farm has both commercial timber tracts and an area designated as an Aesthetically Managed Zone (AMZ), which is dedicated to recreation and to preservation of an example of the natural environment and habitat of the region. The AMZ includes lakes, a main house, and guest rooms, manager house, other recreational and maintenance buildings, a 3-hole golf course, fish hatchery, and horse barn.

II. Ranch Manager Responsibilities

A. Property Manager:
1) Keeping the integrity and privacy of the property, and protecting against trespassers;
2) Supervising any additional staff needed;
3) Maintaining roads and fences as necessary;
4) Maintaining good relations with neighbors, game wardens, appropriate community organizations, and other public officials as needed; and
5) Ensuring all heavy equipment, both commercial and recreational, is in good working order

B. Timber Farm Onsite Supervisor:
1) Overseeing the day-to-day general health of the commercial timber farm; and
2) Acting as a liaison with the timber consultant, and contractors.
— When timber cuts or other timber management tasks are underway, coordinates with the timber management consultant regarding access to the property.
— Makes sure the timber cutting crews and other service providers follow the terms agreed to in the contract.

C. Manager Recreational Property:
1) Mowing areas along main roads and around main recreational areas. Clearing fallen trees as needed. Overseeing and providing other ground maintenance as needed;
2) Maintaining the main house and guest houses;
3) Maintaining all recreational vehicles and equipment;
4) Supervising the staff that clean, care and assist all recreational visitors;
5) Supervising any outside contractors hired to: work on the houses and perform specialized road work;
6) Overseeing the care and maintenance of the 3-hole golf course; and
7) Assisting family members and other recreational visitors as needed.

D. Lake Onsite Manager:
1) Inspecting lake sand fish hatchery, from time to time, to ensure the lake dams and drainage areas are in good condition;
2) Treating lake for weed control or water quality, if needed;
3) Monitoring fish populations;
4) Operating the programs to raise fish in the fish hatchery; and
5) Acting as a liaison with the lake management consultant and their activities.

Description of Salary and Benefits:

1. Salary: Will be determined based on experience
2. Benefits: Health and Dental Insurance
3. Managers Home: +/- 1,800 Sq. ft home included with 3 beds and two baths built in 2013.
4. Managers Truck: Manager is provided Truck

Years of experience preferred: 5 years

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