Ranch Operations Manager (Full or Part-time) needed in Gardnerville, Nevada ~ Couples welcome

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Twisting T-Bar Ranch

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Gardnerville, NV
Job Type
Full or Part Time
Compensation based on experience, full or part-time interest and if housing is included.
Date Posted
May 11, 2022
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

The Twisting T-Bar Ranch is an operating ranch and event venue looking for a hard-working individual who can actively manage the day-to-day management of residential, agricultural and event duties, including but not limited to those listed below. The owner is actively involved in all projects but does not live on the property full-time, so the work environment is autonomous and often self-managed.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Routine work schedule will be 8-hour workdays Tuesday to Saturday or as agreed to by parties. This does not include irrigating weeks which requires 6-days of steady water flow and water management. Irrigating season depends on the snowpack, but normally runs April to September.
  • Oversee management of ranching operations and maintenance of event and residential areas. Actual events will be managed by the ranch Event Manager.
  • Grounds upkeep and improvements, including mowing, fertilizing, aerating, leaf collection, pruning, planting of shrubs and trees.
  • There is livestock on the property with minimal maintenance required.
  • Irrigation of fields during season (4/1 to 9/31), including repairs, servicing and installation of ditches, gates, and culverts.
  • Cleaning, burning, repairing, and improving ditches and gates during off-season.
  • Maintaining fields, seeding, dragging (if grazed), pulling boarders.
  • Weed control via spraying with ranch equipment, spot spraying, and contracting county to spray when necessary.
  • Consulting with local experts for best management practices.
  • Varmint control, voles, beavers, muskrats, bats, mice, skunks etc …
  • Maintenance and improvement of residential and event irrigation (sprinkler/drip) systems and landscaping.
  • Coordination with event Manager to prepare property for events as and when scheduled.
  • Service equipment based on use, but no less than 1x per year. Servicing includes filter and fluid changes, belt adjustments, cleaning. There is also a mobile restroom trailer for events which needs to be serviced in similar manner to an RV.
  • Maintenance of event area and amenities, including but not limited to lawn, barn, lighting, wasps, bathroom trailer.
  • Tool and material inventory.

Required Skills and Attitude

  • Experience in managing commercial and residential properties and related systems.
  • Hard working, self-starter, organized and detail focused.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and to start and complete tasks and duties.
  • Effective and efficient time and people management and communication skills.
  • Tractor, vehicle handling and trailer hauling, light servicing, and repairs.
  • General maintenance skills, plumbing, electrical, irrigation.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience working with Vendors, Subs, City/County departments for permit approval and completion of projects.
  • Heavy equipment operations, welding, electrical, mechanical, dirt work, field irrigation engineering.
  • Tradesman skills, plumbing, electric, building.

Compensation & Benefits

  • This position will begin as an hourly paid full-time position. No medical or retirement benefits are currently offered. Annual performance reviews will be conducted. Annual performance bonuses are considered but not guaranteed.
  • Housing can be a part of the package if necessary and desired.
  • Hunting and fishing are available on the ranch.
  • There is opportunity for a husband/wife team if desired with additional responsibilities including bookkeeping (with experience) cleaning, gardening (vegetables), event coordination and venue maintenance, ranch and venue marketing.

TO APPLY: Please forward bio & resume to our email address.

Visit website here: https://twistingtbar.com/

Twisting T-Bar Ranch - Nevada

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