Rangeland Management Specialist needed for Western USA

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Bureau of Land Management

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April 23, 2020
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0-2 yrs

Our nation’s public lands are important to all of us. No matter whether you are from the big city of Washington, DC or the small town of Washington, UT, we all have a stake in ensuring that our public lands are maintained for the benefit of all our communities and our future generations.

Tens of thousands of farmers and ranchers depend on the health of rangelands and grasslands for their livelihoods. Millions of Americans depend upon those farmers and ranchers, the food that they produce, and the livestock that they maintain. Help play a vital role in the one of the most important functions of our public lands. The Center for Organizational Excellence has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management to recruit talented professionals and assist them through the application process. We invite you to explore a career as a Rangeland Management Specialist.

What will you do?

  • Assist landowners in development of practical grazing management plans, including planned grazing systems, initial stocking rates, and utilization standards
  • Plan and implement resource conservation programs
  • Provide technical assistance with proper placement and installation of range improvement practices, such as water development, re-vegetation, fencing, cattle-guard construction, and brush/weed control
  • Develop fire plans and post fire activities; supervise the implementation of practices in fire rehabilitation plans and monitor development
  • Partner with the public, State and county agencies, landowners, ranchers, environmental groups, and interdisciplinary teams
  • Break away from the cubicle! Balance your time in the office by spending a part of your workday outdoors in the field

What do you need to qualify?

  • US Citizenship
  • Bachelor degree in range management; or a related discipline that included at least 42 semester hours in a combination of the plant, animal, and soil sciences, and natural resources management, as follows:
  • Range Management — At least 18 semester hours of course work in range management, including courses in such areas as basic principles of range management, range plants, range ecology, range inventories and studies, range improvements, and ranch or rangeland planning.
  • Directly Related Plant, Animal, and Soil Sciences — At least 15 semester hours of directly related courses in the plant, animal, and soil sciences, including at least one course in each of these three scientific areas, i.e., plant, animal, and soil sciences. Courses in such areas as plant taxonomy, plant physiology, plant ecology, animal nutrition, livestock production, and soil morphology or soil classification are acceptable.
  • Related Resource Management Studies — At least 9 semester hours of course work in related resource management subjects, including courses in such areas as wildlife management, watershed management, natural resource or agricultural economics, forestry, agronomy, forages, and outdoor recreation management.
  • Strong communication, presentation and problem solving skills

Opportunities available in: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming

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