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Fort Worth, TX
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Full Time
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October 16, 2017

We are a Horse ranch that offers premiere Horse Boarding, Training, Lessons and Events

Must have prior Horse Ranch experience


  • Feed Horses AM/PM
  • Feed Dogs AM/PM
  • Clean and muck stalls in 3 barns 64 + Stalls
  • Drag indoor and outdoor arena
  • Turn out and turn in horses
  • Stock and load hay, grain and alfalfa
  • Stock gas, deisel and ethanol
  • Water Arena, Plants and trees
  • Use blower to blow leaves
  • Fix, build, repair horse stalls, and ranch fences
  • Mow and use weedeater on lawns
  • Cleans horse water troughs
  • Change oil and filter on all golf carts
  • Assistant to ranch manager with showing potential customers around ranch
  • Do ranch errands
  • Help with all care, deworming, yearly shots of all horses
  • Help with all care, deworming, yearly shots of all dogs
  • Haul and or pickup horses in 4 slant horse trailer
  • Put fly bait and rat bait in traps weekly
  • Move and haul dirt
  • Paint and build fences, sheds, minor repairs
  • Must know how to drive a tractor, drag dirt and sand arena, do repairs on ranch equipment, use a manure spreader, use different tractor drags, brush hog, lawn mowers, drive tractor and fork lift
  • know how to use, maintain ranch atv’s, know how to grease tractors, and keep ranch equipment maintained and change oil and filters
  • Must have worked on a horse ranch before and know how to ride horses
  • and take care of horses, and be excellent with horses
  • Long hours and good pay
  • Must work 6 days a week and live on Ranch
  • Must be available 24/7 for any emergencies
  • Must be a self starter, can work alone, can also assist ranch owners
  • Must be good with people, honest, trustworthy, and loyal
  • Some help with ranch invoicing, website and social media updates
  • Must live on Horse Ranch
  • Must provide 6 references, be willing to do a background check

Please send cover letter, bio and resume and jpeg pics to:

[email protected]

We are hiring and training immediately

We look forward to hearing from ya!

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