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Grow Dat Youth Farm

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New Orleans, LA
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July 6, 2018

Site Coordinator Job Description


Who We Are:
Grow Dat Youth Farm’s mission is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. At Grow Dat, people from different backgrounds come together to create a more just and sustainable food system. On our farm in City Park we work collaboratively to grow food, educate and inspire youth and adults, and build power to create personal, social and environmental change.

Position Summary:
The Site Coordinator is responsible for developing and executing the maintenance plan for a 12-acre Grow Dat Farm Site in City Park. The Site Coordinator’s work will support Program, Farm, Social Enterprise and Development/Operations Teams to reach their goals and ultimately, contribute to Grow Dat’s mission. With the assistance and input from the Executive Director, Assistant Director and Farm Manager, the Site Coordinator will carry out their work borrowing from best practices for grounds/machinery maintenance, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, landscape architecture, public safety, and mixed-use educational spaces.

Our farm site is currently 7 acres and will grow to 12 acres in Fall 2018. With the addition of 5 acres, Grow Dat is entering a new stage of growth in terms of programming, farming and development/maintenance of site infrastructure. To carry out a successful expansion, the Site Coordinator will play a crucial and consistent role in this process. They should be self-driven and have tremendous enthusiasm and focus for the scope and variety of position responsibilities. They should be ready to plan, organize, manage and maintain projects with timeliness and purpose. They should have a strong ability to multi-task, manage their time well and prioritize work both independently and in conversation with their supervisor. They should be excited to work across teams, respond to tight deadlines, and receive and incorporate constructive feedback.

Site Scope of Responsibilities:
The Grow Dat site includes the following: eco-campus, farm fields, all non-agriculture green spaces, native planting areas and all other functional non-vegetated areas.

The Site Coordinator will have sole responsibility for maintaining the following areas year-round:
– All non-agricultural green spaces: including most non-agricultural vegetated grounds and native planted areas
– Eco-campus: including maintenance/repairs of kitchen, outdoor classroom, closets, composting toilet, office
– Non-vegetated site infrastructure: including driveways, parking lots, ramps, culverts, bioswales and water manifold

The Site Coordinator will work in collaboration with Farm Manager, Program Manager and Social Enterprise Manager for supporting the following areas/projects as demand arises seasonally:
– Assist in developing and troubleshooting problems with new agricultural fields, irrigation infrastructure and compost area (with Farm Manager)
– Assist in setup, maintenance and break down of physical infrastructure related to youth programming (with Program Manager)
– Assist in setup, maintenance and break down of infrastructure related to special events including Farm Dinners, Hootenanny, site rentals and other site events (with Social Enterprise Manager)

Position Responsibilities:

Maintenance of the site will require executing a variety of tasks with varying levels of detail and attention depending on the season and organizational calendar. A successful Site Coordinator will be able to multi-task and prioritize accordingly. This position is geared toward maintaining a beautiful site year-round while supporting site and infrastructure needs of Program, Farm and Social Enterprise Teams.

With this this in mind, responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Grounds and Equipment:
o Mow grounds with 39hp Kubota tractor and zero-point turn mower; weed whacking of all non-agricultural field areas on the expanded 12-acre site
o Utilize Kubota PTO-driven implements in an efficient way to accomplish work (including attachment and maintenance of rotary cutter, flail mower, tiller)
o Perform seasonal preventive maintenance (oil changes, parts greasing and replacement, etc.) on all machinery (including Kubota tractor and implements, BCS tractor and implements and farm truck)
o Provide general maintenance and problem-solving for above machinery
o Develop and track machinery usage logs and maintenance records
o Organize tools and equipment including annual deep clean and organization of site container and supplies
o Maintain and advance native plantings and aquatic wetland spaces to replicate native ecosystems in Southeast Louisiana (purchase, planting, weeding, watering, mulching)
o Remove invasive species including vines and poison ivy
o Plan/Update/Maintain non-vegetated site infrastructure including driveways, parking lots, ramps, culverts, bollards and water manifold
o Help design and coordinate site infrastructure projects including bollard installation, grading, road improvements, trail building, tree planting, and small structure building

Safety and Minimization of Hazards:
– Ensure accessible pathways through and between site elements
– Order and maintain safety equipment (Example: fire extinguisher, safety eyewear, etc.)
– Remove of harmful objects removing trash and dead trees or limbs that are still standing and could cause damage

– Remove trash/recycle/compost twice/week from all ecocampus and farm area receptacles
– Maintenance weekly composting toilet (adding bulking material, turning pile, odor management)
– Maintain and make repairs to kitchen, outdoor classroom, storage closets, bathrooms, composting toilet, offices as they arise
– Coordinate contractors to make repairs if not possible by Site Coordinator
– Power wash and paint containers every two years

Social Enterprise and Programming Support:
– Assist in setup, maintenance and break down of physical and audio/visual infrastructure related to youth programming (with Program Manager)

– Assist in setup, maintenance and break down of infrastructure related to special events including Farm Dinners, Hootenanny, site rentals and other site events (with Social Enterprise Manager)

Farm Expansion Support:
– Assist in developing and maintaining new agricultural fields, irrigation infrastructure and compost area (with Farm Manager)

New Infrastructure:
– Collaborate with all teams to plan, manage and maintain new infrastructure site projects (e.g. structures, tents, fencing, signage, etc) in a timely and effective way.

Supervisory Responsibility:
The Site Coordinator will occasionally be responsible for managing volunteers, staff and crews in helping to execute site work and projects.

Organizational Responsibilities:
● Carry out administrative duties including timesheets, expense reports and other paper work in an accurate and timely fashion
● Uphold VISIONS “Guidelines” for creating community and safe space.
● Participate in regular Real Talk feedback sessions with Grow Dat adult staff
● Participate in all necessary meetings, including weekly supervisor meetings and staff meetings.

Accountability and Relationships
The Site Coordinator reports to the Farm Manager and works directly with the Farm, Program, Social Enterprise and Development/Operations Teams to help each team reach their goals.

This position is full time (40-hours/week). Farm and Program Team weekly schedules for most of the calendar year are Tuesday-Saturday. In conversation with the Farm Manager, the Site Coordinator has the option of working either a Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday schedule. With advance notice and communication with Farm Manager, there is flexibility for start and end times each workday (e.g. begin work early and sign off early). Because of the scope and breadth of job responsibilities, there is minimal flexibility on weekly/monthly schedule alterations (independent of personal leave). As a salaried position, the Site Coordinator should be open to occasionally working more than 40 hours in a week to help meet seasonal labor demand for special events (while earning comp time to be used soon after).

Minimum Qualifications (Job Specific):
● Extensive knowledge and experience in machinery operation, maintenance and repair (specifically 39hp tractor and implements, zero-point turn mower, weedwhacker, push mower, and power tools)
● Knowledge and experience in general infrastructure maintenance and repair
● Experience and interest in designing, organizing and executing projects in coordination with other teams in a timely and effective way
● Ability and interest in making small repairs and when necessary, coordinating contractors to repair bigger issues
● Ability and interest in working outdoors, especially in hot weather
● Ability to perform administrative tasks in an effective and timely way
● Commitment to sustainable landscaping and agricultural principles
● Ability to work outside continuously to complete site tasks
● Ability to lead groups of young adult and adult volunteers to complete tasks
● Willingness to learn and acquire new skills to perform task/s listed above
● Ability to bend, stoop, crouch or push to complete tasks
● Ability to lift over 40 pounds
● Ability to work independently or in groups

Minimum Qualifications (Organizational):
● Positive attitude, team player, problem-solver, sense of humor
● Interest in interacting/working with/supporting young people (ages 15-25)
● Ability and interest in working with co-workers and visitors across difference including: racial, class, age, ethnic, language, gender, ability and other differences
● Willingness to participate in, receive and implement constructive feedback from co-workers and supervisor through Real Talk, Grow Dat’s communication model
● Willingness to learn and participate in VISIONS tools for interpersonal communication, which Grow Dat uses to promote anti-oppression and inclusion within the organization

● Commitment of two or more years
● Experience working on a small team
● Experience with and knowledge of sustainable agriculture, permaculture, landscape architecture, and Louisiana native plant identification and cultivation
● Carpentry skills and experience
● Plumbing skills and experience

This is a full time (40 hours/week) salaried position. The starting annual salary range is $35,000 ($16.83/hour) – $38,000 ($18.27/hour) plus a generous benefits package including health insurance, paid leave and retirement contribution options.



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