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Rancho Cortez

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Bandera, TX
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June 12, 2019

Being a wrangler can be a very fun and rewarding job. The tips can be very rewarding too.

Here’s what the expectations for our Wranglers (male and female) are. If you can abide by the following then please apply. If not, then happy trails.

Our wrangler is first and foremost respectful and kind. They are at work by 7 A.M. every day unless told otherwise. We do have humble accommodations for you and you will be fed 3 meals a day. Wranglers work until chores are finished before going to breakfast. When they mosey in for some grub they always find a guest to sit with if they can (all meals). Kiddos love eating with cowboys and cowgirls.

Wranglers also take pride in carrying on the Cowboy legacy. They understand guests at our ranch are here to see the Texas cowboy and cowgirl and experience life on the trail with them. We help them live their fantasy. As routine as things get, a wrangler always understands that the guests experience is the most important thing. Our wranglers are always dressed in traditional western wear and neat in appearance. Grooming and hygiene are a must!

Wranglers work hard throughout the day. They check in with the lead wrangler if the the chores list is caught up. If the chores list is not up to speed then there’s no need to ask any questions. Just keep working.

Always address guests needs and include them in chores when possible and if they so choose.

The days are long. After a long hot day, all horses are grained, sprayed down and turned out. No one leaves the barn until all closing chores are done and approved by the head wrangler.

When we finally close it down we hang with our guests on the hay ride, dinner and camp fire. If you’re lucky enough to get an early day off then enjoy it. Catch up on some laundry and other personal stuff and get some rest because you’re gonna need it tomorrow.

If you want to wrangle with us and help carry on the best Cowboy legacy ever then drop us a line. Happy Trails all.


  • Dude ranch experience a plus, but will to work with the right person.
  • Know how to ride western. (Be able to ride up to 6 hours a day)
  • Know how to saddle
  • Know how to rope a roping dummy from the ground (preferred but not necessary. Willing to teach the right person).
  • Must be safety conscious, observant, and aware at all times during trail rides. Must be able to spot unsafe or potentially unsafe tack, posture, horse spacing, behavior etc. at all times.
  • Must be calm and cool headed. Even during stressful situations. Must be able to take direction from head wrangler.
  • Entertain / “On” at all times. While on the ranch.
  • Represent and live the Cowboy Lifestyle daily. That’s why our guests come here.
  • No pride. Willing bring knowledge with respect and humility.
  • Must be a true people person. Must love kids and people in general and like to serve and be hospitable….
  • Must be a hard worker. Able to work all day in the heat.
  • Be able to follow directions and work unsupervised.
  • Be able to entertain at the campfire (Smores etc. )

Salary: $10/hr

We do have humble accommodations for you and you will be fed 3 meals a day.


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