Wranglers needed at Unique Guest Ranch in Heart of Paradise Valley, Montana ~ Summer 2024 (May-Nov)

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West Creek Ranch

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Emigrant, MT
Job Type
$2,625 Monthly Salary + Room & Board
Date Posted
April 27, 2024
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

West Creek Ranch is the perfect job for a wrangler, or experienced rider, who loves the guest ranch lifestyle but is looking for more variety in their job. The ideal wrangler candidate will demonstrate both excellent customer service and strong horsemanship skills. Wranglers will lead trail-rides on over 6,000 acres of the ranch.

Typically, wranglers at West Creek lead only two or three trail-rides each week. These trail-rides are two-hours long and primarily walk-only. Wranglers spend time throughout the workweek exercising and training guest horses to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. Other horse-related tasks include caring for a herd of +/- 40 head, gathering/turning out on horseback, training green horses, and basic veterinary care.

All activities are purpose driven with intention and reflection time. Wranglers will subtilty initiate conversations with guests to reflect on their experiences based on each group’s goals and intentions.

In addition to the wrangling duties at West Creek Ranch, wranglers will rotate through a schedule of shifts at our sister ranch, Mountain Sky.

These shifts will vary week to week based on a rotating schedule amongst the team. Wranglers may be at Mountain Sky 1-4 days a week. Mountain Sky wangling duties will be like those at West Creek but on a larger scale. These duties include assisting in the loading and unloading process of guests and their horses, leading trail-rides (walk, trot, and lope rides for families of various ages), gathering/turning out a heard of +/- 100 head out on horseback, and basic veterinary care. Wranglers will lead rides on 17,000 private acres, in addition to the neighboring Gallatin National Forest. Trail rides aren’t your typical nose-to-tail walking dude rides; Mountain Sky guests stay for a week at a time, and they come to ride.

Other wrangler responsibilities include:

  • Providing fly-fishing lessons every week.
  • Teaching gun safety and skeet shooting instruction
  • Teaching archery safety and recurve and light compound bow instruction
  • Driving guests to and from the local airport weekly (these hours will vary)
  • Washing transportation vehicles (1 to 2 hrs./wk.)
  • Dishwashing (one 4-hour shift/month)
  • Fence maintenance (as needed)
  • Trail maintenance (as needed)
  • Workdays are Monday through Friday, and average around 45-50 hours/week. The five-person wrangler team works a rotating weekend chore schedule: feeding and doctoring. Wranglers work just one weekend/month.

Individuals with knowledge of basic veterinary care and horseshoeing skills are encouraged to apply. Ability to operate skid steers and tractors is a plus. The ability to remain flexible to a changing schedule is important while working at West Creek Ranch.

A riding video will be required from applicants not able to join us for a riding interview, but it is not necessary to submit the video with your initial application.

While West Creek Ranch provides its wranglers with ranch horses to ride, wranglers have the option to bring one personal horse. The ranch does not allow outside dogs, cats or other pets.

Dates of Employment: May 1st – November 11th


When applying via email, please answer questions below:

  1. Are you available May 1st – November 11th?
  2. Describe your horse experience, including your preferred discipline and any experience starting colts or riding green horses. Please be specific about the number of years of experience you have.
  3. Do you have any experience teaching people to ride? If yes, please describe.
  4. Do you have experience with shooting sports? If yes, please describe.
  5. Do you have experience fly fishing? If yes, please describe.

Forward cover letter, resume, & answered questions to our email address listed.

Visit website here: https://westcreekranch.org/

West Creek Ranch - Montana

West Creek Ranch - Montana

West Creek Ranch - Montana

West Creek Ranch - Montana

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