General Manager needed at Namchak Retreat Ranch near Hot Springs, Montana ~ $200k-$220k

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The Namchak Foundation

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Hot Springs, MT
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Full Time, Year round
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April 2, 2024
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5-10 yrs


Namchak promotes the growth, study, and practices of the Namchak lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. While preserving the essence of those practices, we offer them in a more modern, Western, accessible style. One does not need to be a Buddhist to participate. Offering a variety of learning programs, online courses, and residential retreats at the Namchak Retreat Ranch, the Foundation serves students on every step of the path; from those exploring meditation for the first time to highly experienced practitioners. The unifying feature among the staff is the deep dedication to making this lineage’s time-tested, lab-tested tools available for anyone to use, to help everyone live a more satisfying, awakened life.


While Namchak’s main office is located in Missoula, the Namchak Retreat Ranch itself is situated on 8,900 acres approximately an hour-and-a-half north, near Hot Springs, Montana, on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Our retreat ranch exists to provide a sustainable and sacred environment where teachers and students can come together for learning, meditation, and practice.

The Namchak Retreat Ranch, which consists of new and future construction, includes several facilities ranging from administrative barns, student dormitories, a dharma-focused public park, retreat facilities for dedicated students to partake in a traditional three-year retreat, and others. The buildings are clustered to minimize visual impact, allowing most of the property to remain as open space.

We strive to operate the Namchak Retreat Ranch in ways that honor our values while respecting the cultures and people who came before us. Over the past several years, we’ve implemented comprehensive land management strategies, including cattle grazing, riparian restoration, noxious weed removal, native re-seeding, and forestry. In 2019, we launched a robust permaculture program to grow food for future retreatants. In these and other ongoing conservation and stewardship efforts, we work with local tribes, neighboring landowners, and natural resource specialists to make informed and intentional land management decisions.


The Namchak Retreat Ranch (NRR) General Manager is, first and foremost, a facilitative leader who invests time and energy in their employees and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. They are involved in and responsible for all aspects of the Namchak Retreat Ranch, including ranch operations, repairs, equipment, maintenance, land management, permaculture, retreat facilities, and hospitality.

This position is not a role for a maverick, and collaboration is a must. This collaborative culture permeates Namchak at all levels, both across and within departments. Success in this role will require a person who possesses true leadership qualities of emotional intelligence, patience, and strength of character. This role calls for someone with the business acumen to translate vision into action, the humility and wisdom to seek guidance and input, and the leadership to bring people along, create trust, and support others to achieve objectives.

The two-member executive team and the Managing Director have established a vision for the ranch to which the General Manager will contribute and operationalize. This position will work collaboratively and strategically with the Managing Director and Construction Project Director. The ranch team is talented, committed, and capable, and will benefit from a hands-on leader who will interact daily with the staff, listen, and provide guidance, direction, and accountability.

To advance the Foundation’s mission, the NRR General Manager will oversee, facilitate, and coordinate several complex, interlocking functions: land management (grazing, forestry, weed mitigation, fire mitigation), permaculture and greenhouse development, conservation, ranch operations, and hospitality. The General Manager will work closely with the Construction Project Director to coordinate ongoing construction work and timelines with the many other initiatives at the ranch. Supporting these undertakings will require managing and overseeing people, IT, finances, and administration.

The NRR General Manager will also be a key ambassador of Namchak, managing the day-to-day communications with the public, local Tribes, vendors, and on-site workers. This position must communicate in a way that is aligned with Namchak’s core values of compassion, inclusivity, collaboration, and professionalism. This position will continue building and expanding relationships with our neighbors, the Hot Springs community, local Tribal members, and the Tribal Council.

This position will report to the Namchak Managing Director and Core Group, and enjoy a trusting and collaborative relationship. The NRR General Manager will be responsible for five core functions:


Leadership & Team Development

  • Hold primary responsibility and accountability for all ranch matters. Attentive to all activities, anticipating challenges, addressing them before they become significant problems, and providing immediate response to issues as they arise
  • Collaborate closely with executive leadership to understand the vision, seek guidance, and implement strategic objectives; establish an ongoing transparent flow of communication
  • Cultivate a culture that embraces teamwork, seamless communication, accountability, integrity, and high morale
  • Provide ongoing leadership, training, and professional development for the ranch staff; in coordination with the Managing Director, hire, onboard, and train new ranch staff as needed

Ranch Operations and Logistics

  • Coordinate all daily activities, resource requests, and support needs on the ranch; coordinate with programming and hospitality staff to ensure proper support for retreats and events
  • Lead all ranch planning and budgeting, including materials management; work collaboratively to create a long-range plan that ensures continued fiscal health and supports future growth
  • Oversee cattle and bison operations, fencing, grazing, watering, and general animal husbandry
  • Oversee the land stewardship program, including weed management initiatives, forestry management, rangeland restoration efforts, fire mitigation, and livestock management
  • Oversee the permaculture program, food forest, and greenhouse development

Safety and Security

  • Oversee physical security program for the ranch; manage and maintain security and video surveillance systems
  • Develop fire prevention plan and coordinate closely with all relevant parties and authorities
  • Oversee hazard prevention plan, to include a hazardous fuels treatment plan
  • Oversee safety program for workers and retreatants, including maintaining first aid equipment

Building and Equipment Repair & Maintenance

  • Oversee management and maintenance of all ranch vehicles and equipment; oversee schedules and procedures for a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program
  • Manage building operating and management systems; supervise troubleshooting of mechanical, electrical, water, plumbing, and security systems
  • Oversee the development and implementation of a road maintenance plan
  • Coordinate closely with ranch staff and spiritual leaders when overseeing the maintenance and repair of spiritual or ceremonial sites, buildings, sculptures, or other sacred items

Vendor, Neighbor & Tribal Relations

  • Develop, establish, and nurture positive and respectful relations with the Ranch’s neighbors and the Hot Springs community
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the county, including the fire department, roads coordinator, and Mission Valley Power
  • Cultivate and maintain trusted, productive relationships with vendors, partners, media outlets, and other constituents, while developing new and strategic relationships
  • Over time, serve as a liaison between Namchak and the local Tribes, including the TribalCouncil, the Tribal Administrative Staff, and Tribal Members; Attend periodic Tribal meetings


NOTE: Seasoned leadership, management expertise, and ability to work collaboratively are preferable to deep expertise in any particular ranch function, though past experience managing in a ranch or similar setting is required.

  • 5+ years of executive level managerial experience in a dynamic, multi-stakeholder environment, working closely with a senior leadership team
  • Patience and hands-on leadership that embodies respect, teamwork, and collaboration
  • Respect for and comfort with a staff culture of deep commitment to Namchak’s mission
  • Experience with ranch management, with ability to oversee livestock, land stewardship, permaculture, and hospitality operations
  • Experience developing and managing systems, processes, policies, and procedures to enhance effectiveness of ranch operations
  • Experience designing and managing budgets
  • Ability to design and implement safety and security plans
  • Experience with materials management and overseeing the repair/maintenance of equipment and/or infrastructure
  • Experience developing and managing relationships/partnerships with external entities
  • Experience representing an organization/entity externally to the surrounding community
  • Consideration will be given to candidates with transferable skills and demonstrating comparable qualifications


The salary for this position is estimated between $200,000-$220,000, experience dependent, including a relocation package as applicable. Namchak offers employees a generous benefits package including Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage, a 401k Plan, and a thoughtful allowance of PTO, holidays, and professional development days.


Namchak has retained OE Consulting to support this search. To apply, please submit a résumé and thoughtful cover letter that explains your interest and addresses your relevant qualifications at

Applicants may expect an email from OE Consulting confirming receipt.

Please refrain from contacting Namchak about this opportunity. Direct any inquiries to OE Consulting via email. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

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