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National Audubon Society

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Bremen, Maine
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February 3, 2015

The Head Chef is responsible for directing kitchen operations, developing meal plans, working with the Assistant Chef on food orders, and preparing meals for up to 90 people on Hog Island in Maine (Hog Island staff and participants), in an environmentally-friendly manner, for all scheduled Audubon Camp sessions and rentals. S/he will supervise the Assistant Chef and volunteers who assist in the kitchen and dining room.

Hog Island is a 333-acre island located in the town of Bremen, Maine. It is the site of the Audubon Camp in Maine, a resident facility that provides on-site instruction in ornithology and natural history and local field trips for adults, teens and families. A commercial-grade kitchen is part of the dining building known as “The Bridge.” Food and supplies are delivered to the mainland dock and the kitchen staff must coordinate delivery to Hog Island by camp boat, or transport it aboard a small outboard motor boat.

As there is no regular boat transportation service to and from Hog Island and the mainland, the Head Chef is required to live in Audubon housing on Hog Island in order to perform the functions of this position. Campers and Hog Island staff are provided three meals each day, so early morning preparation is required for breakfast served at 6 or 7 AM. Dinner activities may last until 7 or 8 PM. All-day field trips will require preparation of picnic lunches and snacks.

Shared (with other staff) housing and bath are located on Hog Island. Utilities are supplied by Audubon.

Candidates must be available from May 12 through October 8, 2015. The work schedule will usually be Sunday through mid-day Friday; Saturdays off. The work day revolves around meal planning and service that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The total hours per week is 40.

Essential Functions:

Supervise all aspects of the dining room activities necessary to accommodate up 90 people;
Supervise the Hog Island Assistant Chef, and with the assistance of the Assistant Chef, supervise the volunteers who provide assistance in both the kitchen and dining room areas; create and distribute work schedules (including meal prep assistance and after-meal clean-up);

Manage the set up and close down of the kitchen at the beginning and end of the Hog Island Camp season;

Design and implement a meal menu for each Hog Island session that reflects an appreciation of, and includes organic, local and sustainably-harvested foods;

Utilize environmental friendly methods (composting, reusable napkins, etc.) that reflect Audubon’s image as an environmental organization;

Provide complete oversight and preparation of two of the three daily meals for Camp staff and participants, and consult with the Assistant Chef who is responsible for preparation of the third meal;

Work with the Assistant Chef to prepare “picnic” lunches for campers on on-site field trips and other Hog Island special events;

Review daily work schedule prepared by the Assistant Chef (including meal prep assistance and after-meal clean-up);

Supervise kitchen volunteers and order food and beverages;
Participate in weekly meetings with the Hog Island staff.

Qualifications and Experience:

Experience with operation of commercial dishwasher, range, and baking equipment

Must hold or be able to obtain a current certificate as a ‘Certified Food Protection Manager’ from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services prior to commencement of work

Experience using row boats and outboard motor boats is desirable
Capable of standing for various periods of time, as well as the ability to carry up to 50 pounds

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