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Circle K Ranch

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San Juan Mountains between Dolores and Telluride, CO
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January 27, 2016

The Head Cook oversees AND participates in all the duties of the kitchen staff. Kitchen staff include: Cooks and other Kitchen Assistants who assist in food prep, washing dishes, food serving, and dining room and kitchen area clean-up.
The Cook is responsible to efficiently prepare delicious meals in a timely, attractive fashion, manage the kitchen staff and assist in the planning of menus and food ordering.


Experience in food service and preparation and in the use and care of food preparation appliances and equipment.
Knowledge of quantity food preparation techniques and procedures.
Ability to interpret and follow recipes and to compute basic mathematical calculations.
Ability to manage themselves and up to 5 others in a professional, calm, upbeat manner when under pressure.
Ability to accept guidance and correction with a positive, respectful attitude.
Enthusiasm, patience, sense of humor and self-control
Strong management and people skills.
Strong Cost Management skills
Knowledge of Safe Food Handling.
Ability to manage inventory appropriately and efficiently.
Ability to make guests and other staff feel welcomed and well cared for.
Must be a good role model, exhibiting character traits such as honesty, strong work ethic, patience, kindness and respect for others, especially those in authority.
Ability to work under time constraints
Ability to prepare meals for small (30) as well as large (150) groups
Ability to efficiently adjust to last minute changes in a calm manner and with a positive attitude
Ability to work with or without supervision.
Good physical condition. Able to work a minimum of 8 hours/day.
At least 21 years of age


Greet our guests with a smile and express a genuine appreciation for them
Follow and enforce safety regulations
Follow all Ranch standards guidelines
Responsible for all meal preparation, following prescribed recipes and established standards.
Clean all food preparation equipment used, and ensure food preparation and service areas are maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.
Ensures food is maintained at proper serving temperatures.
Ensures gas-fired stoves, grills and ovens, plus other kitchen equipment are off when not in use.
Responsible for keeping inventory and ordering food and staples.
Responsible for checking in and assisting in putting away food deliveries
Responsible for supervision of the other kitchen staff.
Be a team player, willing to help out wherever there is a need
Evaluate current season and make recommendations for following season
These are not the only duties to be assigned. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties assigned as required

We are looking for happy people with a high standard of excellence in food preparation and cleanliness. Being a Christian Owned and operated ranch we are also looking for individuals who hold these same values.


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