Help Wanted at Remote Alaskan Guest Lodge on Killisnoo Island ~ Seasonal 2024

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Whaler's Cove Lodge

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Killisnoo Island, AK
Job Type
Full Time or Seasonal
$3,762+ doe
Date Posted
March 9, 2024
Housing Offered
0-2 yrs

Whaler’s Cove Lodge in Alaska is looking for solid, hard working folks. The summer season runs from Mid June through Mid-September. You can be back in time for the fall hunting seasons!

Staff can be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Fish Processing / Dock Lead – this would be a great opportunity for someone with butchering experience, handy with tools and machinery.
  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Service duties
  • Kitchen and Dining Service
  • Construction
  • Gear oversight

Private, on site housing, and meals are included.

Our Lodge is REMOTE. For Real.

Killisnoo Island is a 5-8 hour ferry ride from Juneau.

There are no grocery stores, no shops, no bars, and literally no other businesses on Killisnoo Island.

There is no Wifi.  There is very, very limited internet access. AT&T is the only cell provider, which you may be able to use if you are standing on your left foot, on the third Thursday of the month, in just the right spot on the Island, while waving one hand in the air.  Please consider this seriously before applying.
There are just a few private homes on the island.

You can walk around the island within a few hours.

Your feet or a water vessel are the only two methods of getting around.

You are surrounded by huge spruce and hemlock trees, rich soil, and the Pacific Ocean.  There are humpback whales, orcas, more bald eagles than you can count, and a sea lion we have named Carl.

It rains most days and is breathtakingly beautiful.

When it’s sunny, the hottest days are in the low 70s and it’s gorgeous.

Nighttime temperatures are 40s-50s.

Crew rooms are modest, warm, and dry.

Crew have private rooms. Most crew share bathrooms.

Some senior crew have a private bathroom.

The lodge provides crew with all bedding, basic bedroom furniture, bath linens, and uniform shirts.

Crew have access to laundry – self serve. The lodge provides detergent and dryer sheets.

Our professional kitchen staff cook the same food for crew as they do for guests; could you make it through a summer of venison, elk, prime rib, game hens, fresh Alaskan halibut, salmon, and crab???

You need to be resilient.  Most everything takes extra effort and has logistical challenges due to our remote location.  We all need to rely upon each other – we make our own water to drink, we process our own pooh, we incinerate our own waste, we crush our own recycling. This means we all need to participate in conserving water, being conscientious of our waste, and taking care of each other, both crew and the guests.

Essentially, Whaler’s Cove Lodge is a small town with a restaurant, marina, water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, hotel, gift shop, and marine repair and fabrication shop.  We build the buildings you work and sleep in and we are all responsible for pitching in to make a town come alive for 80 days to host wilderness adventures.  It is one of the most UNIQUE jobs around!

There are 25-30 of us who live on-site, and we host over 600 guests within a 100-ish day window of operations.  Length of seasonal employment depends upon the professional duties.

Do you love the hospitality industry?  Do you really appreciate providing a great experience for others?  Are you patient? Cooperative? Resilient?  Innovative? Can you balance your independence with interdependence?  Do you enjoy creating a team experience?  Do you play nice with others? Do you take pride in your professional performance?  Are you self-aware about how your attitude affects others? Because on a remote island in the wilderness everyone’s attitudes makes a huge difference.

If you are not self-directed, need to be entertained, can’t live without your cell phone, or don’t like dirt – this is not the place for you.  Our season is short, and we are here to WORK, and work hard.

We, and many of our crew, enjoy the challenges and the invigoration of working remotely in the midst of wilderness, in a temperate rainforest, with other dedicated crew providing exceptional vacation experiences to guests who come from all over the United States to experience this unique and amazing part of the planet. When guests leave our lodge there are often hugs all around because of the beauty and rejuvenation they experienced. This really is an amazing place and our crew brings true hospitality and joy to our guests, which make a difference in their lives.  Isn’t that what hospitality is all about:  making someone feel welcome & creating memories that can be cherished when life gets dull?


If you are up for it, we’d like to meet you.  Check out our Trip Advisor reviews so you understand what our guests expect and the performance we expect from you.  Check out our Website  If you like what you see send over a cover letter and resume to our email address listed.  Take care. Fish ON!

Whaler's Cove Lodge - Alaska

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