Lodge Managers (Ranch Cook & Housekeeping Manager) Needed

Keystone Ranch


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Pearsall, TX

Job Type

Full Time


$20k + medical benefits


Description :

Keystone Ranch is a family-owned ranch located in Pearsall, TX used primarily for hunting and social entertaining. As the Lodge Manager, you will represent Keystone Ranch in all work situations and be responsible for any/all tasks associated with the cooking and cleaning of the lodge.


* Greet guests and set a good first impression of the ranch.
* Clean and maintain the lodge including all rooms and porches and the bunkhouse.
* Plan all menus and purchase groceries and supplies.
* Keep the kitchen pantry stocked and organized.
* Keep the bar stocked with ice and other necessities.
* Cook and serve requested meals when owners are entertaining groups, families and/or friends.
* Responsible for doing all ranch-associated laundry before and after guest arrival (towels, sheets, etc…)
* Ensure all rooms are “turned over” and ready for next guests arrival.
* Maintain laundry room cleanliness and keep it stocked and organized with necessary supplies.
* Check-in with the Ranch Manager on a daily basis for a list of duties.
* Assist owner and Ranch Manager with additional requests.

Job Requirements:
* The ability to speak fluent English.
* Your own transportation such that you can work at Keystone Ranch on a daily basis.
* The ability to work occasional weekends, especially during hunting season.
* Happy and cheerful disposition with a heart for service.
* Experience cleaning a large living facility.
* Experience cooking for groups of people (minimum 10).
* Ability to plan delicious and varied menus.
* Ability to lift 30+ lbs.

This is a full-time, salaried job with benefits. Please only apply if you have the skills to meet all the above criteria.

Salary: $20,000 + medical benefits

Please apply by sending your resume and/or cover letter outlining your experience.

Contact Email Address: [email protected]