Maintenance Worker needed at Ranch in Sulphur Bluff, Texas

Filled / Expired

Five Counties Ranch

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Sulphur Bluff, TX
Job Type
Full Time
$20-$25 an hour
Date Posted
December 4, 2023
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs


  • Driver’s License
  • Reliable transportation
  • Two to Three years in maintenance experience
  • Experience in mechanical equipment
  • Experience in HVAC equipment

Pay: $20.00 to $25.00 per hour based on experience level

Skills and abilities include:

  • Ability to efficiently work independently half or more of the time while present at the work setting
  • Ability to communicate professionally and politely to coworkers and visitors to the property
  • Proficient use of hand and power tools on a daily basis
  • Knowledgeable in plumbing and minor electrical work
  • Ability to work on mechanical equipment and appliances as needed
  • Ability to do minor carpentry projects
  • Comfortable climbing ladders and occasionally scaffolding structures
  • Ability to independently lift and carry up to 50 pounds of equipment and materials
  • Ability to stand or walk for most of the work day
  • Ability to squat or crawl repeatedly throughout the work day
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions, this includes working outside during the summer and winter temperatures, occasionally work in the rain
  • Ability to assess problems, identify a cause, and resolve or propose a solution to those problems

Responsibilities include:

  • Learning water chemistry principles and maintaining pool and spa to bather acceptable standards
  • Testing pool and spa water two to three times a week and adjusting chemical levels as the water demands
  • Cleaning pool and spa skimmer baskets and brushing walls two to three times a week
  • Maintaining pool and spa mechanical and filtration equipment
  • Weekly check of sporting clay machines to ensure they are operating correctly, and ensuring machines are filled with clays
  • Identifying and addressing any mechanical issues of the sporting clay machines
  • Preparing and stationing off road vehicles in anticipation of visiting guests to the property
  • Refueling, washing, and resetting off road vehicles after visiting guests have departed from the property
  • Preparing outdoor lounge areas in anticipation of visiting guests to the property
  • Ensuring all fire wood storage areas are stocked and ready for guests to use in the fireplaces
  • Performing and efficiently executing maintenance tasks as they arise in anticipation of visiting guests to the property
  • Performing and efficiently executing maintenance and beautification projects as they are assigned by the Director of Facilities


This job is located on a ranch setting that has several structures and dwellings throughout the property that are under the care of the maintenance team. There are also several pieces of equipment and machinery that are under the care of the maintenance team. A typical day on the job will be arriving at 8 AM Monday to Friday, Meeting with the Director of Facilities at a pre-determined location and laying out a plan for the tasks of the day. The goal of the maintenance team is to keep the property well maintained by efficiently executing projects, and the repair and maintenance tasks as they arise.


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