Part-time Ranch Hand / Caretaker needed in Gillespie County, Texas

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Prickly Pear Ridge

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Gillespie County, TX
Job Type
Part Time
$18-$24 /hr
Date Posted
December 24, 2023
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Overview: Prickly Pear Ranch is seeking a flexible part-time Ranch Hand/Caretaker.

PPR is a family-owned 895 acre ranch in Gillespie County, TX (25 miles north of Fredericksburg/ 15 miles south of Llano.

There is ranch work and ranch facility maintenance needed on a weekly basis (described below).

Requirements (non negotiable):

  • Must work at least 2x per week (15-20hrs)
  • Must be able to lift at least 70 pounds
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Good people skills, judgment and general trouble-shooting abilities. For example, someone comfortable responding to wildlife issues (brush fire or snake bite) or handling/escalating maintenance issues on the premises as needed when owners are gone.
  • Must feel comfortable around cattle and like working outdoors.
  • Experience with general landscaping (e.g. raking, weed-eating, mowing, trimming, pruning)
  • Good working knowledge of fire safety and other hazard safety (e.g. ability to be proactive in minimizing risks of fire and other electrical and weather-related hazards that might arise).

Salary Offer: $18-$24 per hr based on experience

A full-size 4WD ranch pickup is available for use when necessary for ranch work (hauling brush, moving equipment, etc.).

Preferred skills: In addition to being able to complete the non negotiable duties on a consistent weekly basis, the ideal person will also have experience with our preferred skills (below), but not required. Training is available.

  • Basic plumbing troubleshooting and repair (e.g. PVC plumbing repair; addressing or escalating septic or water heating/softening issues, etc.)
  • Basic electrical troubleshooting and repair (e.g. mending electrical wires, replacing electrical fuses, etc.)
  • Fence repair and/or basic ironwork and welding
  • Basic small equipment maintenance and repair (e.g., maintaining mowers and trimmers, power tools, and generators; ability to replace filters/carburetors, etc.)
  • Basic vehicle maintenance (e.g., batteries, tires, and fluids on ranch truck, jeep, Polaris, tractor, golf cart)
  • Experience with brush clearing and chainsawing (hand clearing)

Recurring Weekly Duties:

  • Maintaining pool filtration equipment, testing pool & adjusting chemicals, cleaning pool & skimmer baskets (1hr per week)
  • Hauling trash in ranch pickup to the dumpster weekly (~30 min per week)
  • Feeding 20-30 head of cattle (30 minutes per day/ 2x week)
  • Landscaping depending on season (chopping and stacking wood, mowing, raking leaves, trimming/weed-eating, watering tree/shrub plantings) (2-4 hours per week)
  • Checking pool for needed algaecide treatments, filter cleaning, pool cleaning, etc. (~30 min 2x per week)
  • Checking/filling wildlife feeders once every two weeks (~ 1hr per week)
  • Ranch truck and jeep maintenance (checking/airing tires, changing/checking fluids, maintain battery, etc.) (~30 min per week)
  • General road and gate maintenance (e.g. moving material from a stockpile to fill in the road as needed; ensuring gates are operable; ensuring sides of roads and passing areas are trimmed and maintained) (~2-4hr per month)
  • Maintaining log/photos of qualifying wildlife management activities as needed (~1 hour per month)

Potential Duties (as normal hours or paid extra hours):

  • Tractor work ( grubbing mesquites, field clearing)
  • Repairing, mending and/or installing fencing
  • Operating a skid steer/Bobcat when necessary to clear, move materials, dig trenches or holes, etc.
  • Helping to maintain fire safety (identifying fire hazards, maintaining firewise building perimeters, etc.)


Email us & including a short resume summarizing your most relevant skills and experience, along with a brief note describing your interest in this arrangement (essentially, how and why this could work well for you and anything else we should know).

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