Position Wanted: 15yr Full-timing RVers looking for Caretaking type Opportunity in Remote Area

Brad & Karen T.

Willing to relocate to: CA, AZ, NM, MT, ID, CO
Job Type
Full Time
Lets talk about it. Don't need insurance.
Date Posted
May 4, 2021
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

We are hard workers, working with old fashioned values. We have worked in hospitality for 14 years.

We would like a caretaker type position with housing and pay. The husband can do most anything being a former toolmaker, welder, fabricator. Able to do light electrical plumbing and carpentry. Have 2 welders with us and 2 chainsaws and about 500 lbs of tools to do the job. Have worked on 6000 acre ranch caring for 150 head of cattle and maintaining wind mills and 10000 gallon water tanks. Caring for horses and chickens.

We are carnivores so we eat a lot of meat incase the job includes beef that would be nice. Problem solving is my biggest attribute. I enjoy a challenge and am on the fussy side of finishes being detailed oriented. I can provide an extensive picture portfolio of some of my work. My wife used to teach yoga, speaks spanish and is currently head gardener where we are currently. She also does reservations and cooks. We would like a job where we both work same hours or at least able to have meals together and quit for the day same time or mostly.

We are very fit oriented working out at the gym twice a week lifting weights. Wife can dead lift 75 lbs husband can curl 100 lbs. A gym close by is a plus but not required. Neither of us take any prescriptions or drugs.

We would like a job located in a moderate climate. Don’t like working in 100 degrees. High elevations are no problem. We have a 42 ft class A motor home and a 25 ft car hauler which also acts as a shop. We are considering selling the rv if we can find a place we love for long term. We also are not fans of mask or the virus plandemic and will not get a shot ever. So that might be a deal breaker for most. Husband is a vet and am not happy that our constitutional rights are being trampled on, the rights that so many folks have given their life to protect. We are from New Hampshire. Currently working in Maine.

Willing to relocate to: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Colorado

Call or email.

– Brad and Karen T.

[email protected]


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