Position Wanted: Couple seeking Adaptive Ranch Management Opportunity

James O.

(908) 698-7203
Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
September 29, 2021
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Hi my name is Jamey. I am 27 years young with a positive attitude / outlook on life. A determined and adaptive professional constantly seeking perfection. I am hopeful that I can help make your dreams a reality while fulfilling mine at the same time. As a young boy I joined boy scouts and that is where I have learned how to survive in the wilderness / appreciate it and respect people and have good moral values that I still hold very close to my heart. I started working on a farm when I was at the ripe age of 12. There I learned the value of a dollar and how not to screw up and make stupid mistakes. Well at least how to learn from them. I started from the very bottom and worked my way up. Building trust and becoming responsible. On the farm I learned how to care for Angus beef cows and Olympic level horses everything from cleaning stalls, grooming to medical treatment. On that farm I also learned how to grow crops. Mostly hay. Everything from tillage to seed to harvest soil samples and fertilizer. The farm also built custom horse facilities. I have built many horse properties from the ground up and improved existing farms. Our expertise was earthwork and pasture reclamation, [land clearing] and many custom all weather arenas for high profile clients. So I know how to create positive drainage, run all sorts of underground utilities, build septic systems, roads etc. I left that job seeking a better opportunity. I have worked for multiple excavation companies and learned how to operate and work on all sorts of equipment and dig foundations, work with clients and other contractors. Calculating materials and staying on time and within budget. I am very handy and a Quick learner. I am willing to work on anything. Very mechanically savvy from engine repair, carpentry to electrical and basic metal work.

Mckinley Harvey (26) is my longtime girlfriend and life partner. Her and I do everything together and enjoy working as a team. We are unstoppable. She is a large part of why I am seeking this line of work. She has her own professional saddle fitting business and two big lovable horses. I am willing to do almost anything to make her and them happy. We need a property where her horses have ample room to roam and graze. A simple run in shelter in a paddock is sufficient but a barn where they can stay occasionally when the weather is bad would be ideal. She also needs a place to train the horses. If the location has harsh winters ideally it will have an indoor riding arena. She is also able to work at your facility. She brings a woman's touch to everything. She can help with bookkeeping, cleaning, administrative duties, and care for horses / livestock. exercising horses. just about anything. She is most certainly an equine professional and knows more about horses and the proper care for them than anyone I know. She has over 15 years of experience and has been all over the country and Europe pursuing this passion.

I have never been fired from a job and want to work hard for people who will take care of me and mine and see to it that we are all benefiting from the experience.

I have lots more pictures and videos of my work would love to email them and chat with you about it! also references!

If you have anything in mind or any questions please reach out!

Thank you for your consideration!

-James O.

[email protected]

(908) 698-7203

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If interested, reach out via phone or email at your convenience.

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