Position Wanted: Entry Level Ranch Hand

Filled / Expired

Kaes V. Z.

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Willing to Relocate: Western USA & Canada
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
July 9, 2021
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

Looking for an entry-level position as a hand or other. Cattle ranch would be preferable but I am open to other options.

My experience with horses is fairly minimal but I am very willing to learn. I also have some mechanical skills as I have been working on and modifying my own vehicles for about three years and I’m currently employed at a garage, I can also weld and have some experience with things like leatherwork and Basic carpentry.

What I may lack in experience is made up for by my work ethic and perseverance. I’m not afraid of hard work and never afraid of a dirty job.

I’m willing to relocate to just about anywhere in the western US or Canada and I can be ready to leave at the drop of a hat if I sound like the right fit for you folks. Please send me an email at your convenience.

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