Position Wanted: Hard working, Humble, Solitary Cowboy / Artist willing to do anything. Exceptionally responsible, References available

Filled / Expired

John M.

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Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full or Part Time
Date Posted
May 7, 2021
Housing Needed
5-10 yrs


It is my hope that you see something in this listing that speaks to you. I’ve done way too much white collar work in the decade since I graduated college and it has left me with a gaping hole in my soul that now matches the hole in my heart after my last relationship unexpectedly ended.

I have an intense work ethic. I have done ironman triathlons, biked across the country while living on $10/day, and fenced in friend’s properties in exchange for a haircut and organic eggs.

I do not have the encyclopedic knowledge of all things ranching that I wish I did, but I am a quick study and immensely reliable. For better and for worse, I come from a world where most people wind up running the ranches and oil companies. I can be trusted with the keys to a house or a semi and I desperately long for something to devote myself to.

If you are a lonesome hard worker who needs reliable help, an absentee property owner who needs someone who is willing to do everything from oil changes to grocery shopping to horse grooming, or a guest ranch who needs a fly fishing guide who can also do laundry, I am your guy. If you have skills you can teach me, I will accept that as partial compensation.

I do not eat meat, I don’t touch drugs, and I am perfectly happy never drinking again or having a few beers with you after a long day. I have a catahoula named Hank who is part of this deal. He’s well-accustomed to ranch life and long days on the water or the trail. My ideal life is honest work, healthy meals, and devotion to my crafts.

I will move literally anywhere, drop of a hat. I am willing to learn any skill on my own time and have literally zero lifestyle requirements outside of some time to ride my bike, hike, and fly fish. I am a writer and photographer and would love to document your property and my experience there, but I am also happy to leave all the gear in storage and unplug for a while.

Character references available.

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