Position Wanted: Live-in Farm Worker with previous Farming Experience

Filled / Expired

Ramsy F.

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Willing to Relocate: Northern USA
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
March 20, 2021
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Looking for work for a 65 extremely hard worker who has owned his own farm for over 30 years. Due to Pandemic, financial losses.

The work and room is for me and my cat and I am looking for a full time 40 to whatever hour a week job, wages extremely secondary as I am a full time student who receives grants/loans and a teacher of English for VIPkid.com.

I have worked for myself typically 60-100 hour weeks and I know farm work very well. I would be one of the hardest workers you have ever employed. Honest, no drugs/smoking/nonsense. Raised 7 children through college. Looking for a mostly non technology job that I don’t have to waste time week on a computer.

Looking to do a job that could have been performed in the 1980s for the most part, but I do also know computers well and have online University and online teaching English.

Easy going, respectful and polite. Very social if need be but also very private and my aim is to make and save money for at least 2 to 4 years at this job or longer if desired. Covid has lost me two businesses that will not be able to come back and I am in Reno Nevada right now looking for work, anywhere in the USA.

All my children are overseas so I do not need any particular location other than seeking somewhere in the northern part of USA because I prefer the cold. I do not want to work in the deserts of CA, AZ, or Southern USA. I do not like to work in extreme heat please.

Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

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