Position Wanted: Property & Animal Sitter

Filled / Expired

Thomas T.

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Willing to Relocate (USA)
Job Type
Full Time
$1,500 /mo
Date Posted
August 4, 2021
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

Being present 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Able to feed and care for up to a couple dozen farm animals. Meaning horses, cows, dogs, cats, chickens combined unless some are just pasture animals.

Can I muck out a stall? Yes if necessary, but not what I want to do, or am able to do all the time. Would rather hire another helper for that.

I know how to look for signs of a sick or injured animal, and yes I can still saddle and ride, and keep a stalled horses feet clean. And would like to, once in a while. My dog Izzy and I just want a safe place to call home. Plus we can protect and care for your property and your animals just as you would yourself.

I do not drink, nor have I for many years now. I like to stay home and play or write music on my guitars. I also like spending time with the animals. I have also run and cared for some farm equipt., like driving a tractor, cutting hay, etc. I know how to turn a corner cutting hay, or how to stop, set the bar down, and back up the binder up if there's a clog.

Listen to the PTO, some things not everyone would know. But I'm old too. Can't work all day very much. But I'm way in favor of a couple hours of chores each day. If it's hay cutting time, I'll work as long as it takes. Mostly, I'm the best possible sitter for your property there is. I have no where else to be. I really only want safe housing and utilities including internet. I have to have it to play and record music. For any other pay you may think I deserve for my efforts, I would rather barter than receive pay. There's something I need much worse than money.

Willing to Relocate anywhere in USA.

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