Position Wanted: Ranch Hand, Looking for Good, Long-term Position

Thomas W.

Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time
$20,000-$45,000, Negotiable
Date Posted
December 27, 2020
Housing Needed
5-10 yrs

5 years experience in building up a farm from scratch here in Texas. Love the work but I have been spending a lot of my own money to help build it up, while working a full-time job off the farm at night. Now that I have had a taste, I don't want to ever do anything else! I would like to find another opportunity where I can get paid for the work instead of paying to do it basically and continue to grow as a person and rancher.

Experience with sheep, various poultry, equine, llamas. Lots of interest in deer, cattle and other livestock. The llama never spit on me, even if I had asked her too ha! So I take that as high regard from the animals that I was doing alright by them.

Minor construction, minor plumbing, electrical, some welding, high game fencing, sheep and goat fencing. I can fix a fence no problem, building a barn from scratch I'll need some help and instruction.

Experience building of pens that meet standards for large cats and other exotic animals. Working all with a small kubota hydrostatic tractor. Comfy with computers, I do have minor electronic repair experience.

All the animals I kept records of health, DOB, lambing, meds and various issues, sales. Grew the herd from 4 to in the 80s. Identifying health issues and taking appropriate care of them. Incubating of chickens, safe handling and sales of eggs and of course typical duties of feeding and day to day operations. I'm very proud of what I've done.

I took care of the horses, but never got an opportunity to learn to ride. I'd love to do that.

Growing up in Michigan (Lansing and Detroit), there were not a lot of opportunities for me to get farm work, I've worked very hard to get where I am and have my experiences here. Ready to move on to a new place and work hard to make everyone involved be successful. My family has all passed on, so I do want some mentorship and may need some instruction on new jobs that I do not have experience with, but I'm no dummy and a quick learner.

I'm currently in Central Texas but can relocate at my own cost anywhere. 35 years old, unattached and family has passed on. Like target shooting, metal detecting, going in to take my HAM radio test here next week. I can pass a background check and drug test no problem.

I work on a military base and I'm fast tracked to get the covid vaccine if you feel like waiting a month for your position to be filled. I would like to give two weeks notice to my current employer.

Very much interested in living on the ranch, open to off the ranch however if the situation is right. Very much want something long term and all of us to be friends and get along great. Happy to send a detailed resume if requested and love to chat to see if I can be a great fit for you!

Thanks –

Salary is very negotiable.

[email protected]

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