Position Wanted: Ranch Manager / Hospitality Couple

Tim and Gini Q.

Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time
Compensation package to be discussed
Date Posted
June 9, 2022
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

We are seeking a new opportunity together. We are both passionate about customer service and hospitality, and have a strong love and connection to the outdoors and wildlife. Having lived in Wyoming, Montana, coastal South Carolina and the Florida Keys, we have always tried to position ourselves in an area where we can be surrounded by and appreciate the abundant beauty of our surroundings. Our values revolve around God, family, honesty, hard work and integrity.

Along with our hospitality and management experience, we have experience in many other areas and activities. Gini has extensive Equestrian management experience and holds a Bachelor's degree in Equestrian Studies. We also are very familiar with and enjoy shooting sports, hunting, fishing and gardening. We have raised chickens, goats, horses, dogs and kids!

Our combined diverse work history has allowed us to develop a unique skill set that can be applied to a variety of employment opportunities. Our skills and personalities complement each other and have allowed us to combine our talents in order to bring a strong team to any work environment. We are a professional team with integrity, a strong work ethic, have excellent problem solving skills and both possess strong leadershi​p and management skills. We are adept at working in fast paced, ever changing environments and can handle stressful situations with a calm demeanor. We have a passion for hospitality and customer service and our aim is to always exceed expectations.

We have worked closely together for almost 30 years, and now that we are "empty nesters" are looking for a fun new adventure together. While the vast majority of Gini's career has been in the Equestrian field, it has often been partnered with private high end, exclusive residential communities such as the Yellowstone Club, Palmetto Bluff and Brays Island, allowing her to pair her love of horses, people and hospitality. She has enjoyed developing and implementing memorable, creative and unique programs, while forging long term relationships with her clients. She is great at anticipating needs and expectations and then fulfilling those in a way that exceeds both. Gini also has extensive experience in Food and Beverage.

Tim's most recent work has been primarily in the disaster response and recovery field, however he has a strong background in hospitality management as well as farm management. He is a strong leader with excellent communication and management skills, along with very strong interpersonal skills and has an incredible eye for detail. His work ethic, paired with his compassion for others has allowed him great success in all areas of work. Tim has a very diverse background, blending and overlapping strengths and skills in many areas. He has been extremely successful in hospitality management, food and beverage management and farm/ranch management. Tim is a very personable, outgoing individual. He quickly earns the friendship and respect of those who are fortunate enough to work alongside him.

We are not strangers to hard work and are willing to pitch in where ever is necessary to ensure a successful operation. We are also quick learners and always eager to learn new skills. We are looking for a position on a ranch, farm, estate or resort.

Full resumes available upon request. Reach out via email or phone at your convenience.

[email protected]


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