Position Wanted: Ranch Work (No prior experience)

Kevin C.

Willing to Relocate
Job Type
Full Time
What you think I deserve is fair.
Date Posted
June 28, 2022
Housing Needed
0-2 yrs

Hello my name is Kevin. I’ll shoot straight with you, I have no experience in any aspects of ranching. I rode bulls for a short time a couple years ago which I know has nothing to do with ranching experience however it shows I’m willing to learn how to ride horses or learn anything for that matter without hesitation.

I am hard working and eager to learn all aspects of ranching. All I need is someone to teach me, which I know takes your time but I promise once I learn I’ll bust my tail all hours of the day. You won’t hear me complain once about long hours or hard work and if you do then you can fire me on the spot.

I am 24 and have no health conditions that restrict me from working to my full physical potential. Truth is I love physical work and being outdoors. While bull riding might not have taught me to work a ranch, it gave me a small look into the cowboy way of life and that’s all I want to do. Hard, honest work.

I don’t use drugs, I don’t have a drinking problem and I’m not addicted to my phone like most people my age are. I highly respect and admire the tradition of ranching and hope you will be willing to pass your knowledge down to someone who simply wants to work and learn the tradition you are keeping alive.

If you want a hard working and eager to learn person for your operation, reach out via email at your convenience. If you call and I don’t pick up, please leave a voicemail as I am most likely working and not able to take phone calls. Thank you.

[email protected]


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