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Linda F.

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Job Type
Part Time
Work trade for parking
Date Posted
March 13, 2021
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

I am retired, female 70 years young. If you saw me you’d never guess my age. About 5 years ago I bought a used 24 foot RV. I don’t have enough retirement income to afford rent in our beautiful area so I thought this would be a way to always have a home. I’m not a homeless person and never have been. I’m just a regular person who has a small retirement income and thought this would be a good way to have affordable housing.

Right now I’m in Salinas on a cattle ranch where I’ve been for 5 years. I helped a 90 year old man who was mostly blind and deaf. He was real healthy otherwise but couldn’t drive or shop or do a million other things. I was his eyes and helper. I paid his bills and made sure that he was not getting scammed. Sadly he passed Oct 31. So I am now looking for another place to park where I can be of help to someone. I’d like to stay on the central coast.

I took care of his cattle. I pumped water and filled the troughs. I tamed all the calves with apples! They would see me and come running. I loved working with the cattle. His herd was cows he had for many years. They each gave him a calf once a year and he would sell them when they were old enough. His serene pleasure was going out and walking among the cattle. He could pet each one including the 2 bulls. I learned to do this from Henry and it became my serene pleasure also. Sadly 2 weeks after he died his *##* sons sold the whole herd. These were cattle that Henry loved and he would have been so upset to know they did that.

I would really like to work with cattle again. That is why I’m posting this under farm and garden.

I would like a place to park with access to electric and water (very little water). I will pay the increase in your electric bill.

I can do gardening, pet care, errands, organizing your garage or cabinets and closets.

I’m great at small fixit jobs and I have lots of tools. I can watch your vacant property and protect it from vandals etc.

I am a great gardener and love doing laundry.

Love all animals and have 30+ years experience in animal rescue and care. I am going to miss the cattle here where I am. I can provide animal care for almost any animal.

Really, I know how to do a lot of things. If you don’t see what you’re looking for call me and ask.

If you live alone and don’t like the insecurity I would be there if you needed someone to rely on in case of an emergency or just someone to talk to or have dinner with.

I can only work 2 hours at a time because I have a lot of pain in my bones. I have osteoarthritis and can work in 2 hour periods, then the pain gets to me. My Dr. says my spine is collapsing and I have had 5 back surgeries. I am 5 inches shorter than 3 years ago. I have a great DR who takes good care of my back. This is something I just have to live with. At this point there is no fixing it. I’ve been doing so for 5-6 years. Mostly I can’t lift any weight. But I can still help you! If needed I can rest for an hour or two then work some more.

I spend most of my time in the RV reading or watching TV.

I am very quiet and never ever have visitors.

I’m easy-going, cheerful and have a positive outlook on life.

I will respect your privacy.

I respect nature and animals too.

If any of this sounds interesting to you give me a call.

Any questions please call me.



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