Position Wanted: Stable Mature Couple (early 50s) Looking for a Long-term win-win arrangement

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Ailsa H.

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Full Time
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January 14, 2022
Housing Needed
2-5 yrs

Husband and wife in their early 50s empty nesters with a lot of time on our hands seeking a long term ranch-hand or caretaker position that offers housing with a base salary.

Here is a little about us … Husband is currently a registered nurse but in a previous professional life had done about everything in agriculture that you can imagine. Granted it’s been a while since he has done it but he has experience as: a farm hand working wheat fields in Kansas (plowing, planting, combine driving etc.), working for Kansas department of wildlife maintaining Buffalo herds, and fencing, working on feedlots, moving cattle at processing plants, also a certified vet tech with experience with cattle and small animals, avid hunter, and at one point was even a certified taxidermist! This guy has done it all! He is not afraid of hard work. Very handy – familiar with basic plumbing, basic construction, engine maintenance, fencing, etc. Currently even builds and restores furniture in his spare time. This guy is proud of the quality of his work. If you want something done the right way – he is your man! No short cuts here!

Wife, has been a registered nurse her entire life but currently works remotely with occasional business travel. She has basic equine care skills (we currently own 2 Geldings), and can care for most common farm/ ranch animals (chickens, goats, donkeys etc.) She would be available early mornings, evenings (except when traveling) and weekends to assist with duties.

We currently live on acreage in hill country Texas, and love working the land, and raising our livestock. However, our property taxes keep going up year after year, and we are not able to qualify for AG exemption. In addition, as with others in the healthcare industry, 2020/ 2021 has taken a toll and after some soul searching, he is ready to leave the medical industry and get back to his farming/ ranching roots. We are both professionals and take pride in our work. We understand what it means to be salaried (varied hours, occasional weekends etc.) We have clean background checks, drink occasionally, no drugs and don’t smoke. We also have references and pictures available of our work.

The perfect situation for us would entail a job for the hubby as a ranch caretaker on a small to medium sized ranch, located in an area that does not get a lot of snow. We are willing to consider any location but would prefer western US as we have extended family located in western Canada, Montana and Nevada.

He would be responsible for basic maintenance, building maintenance, fencing maintenance, landscaping, clearing brush/ land, perhaps assisting guests with hunting, etc. (Due to a previous fall, work on very tall ladders may be an issue). He could also run herds etc., but prefers to work cattle on Quad versus horseback. Wife would be available for administrative record keeping, book-keeping, guest billing, animal care, housekeeping, assist in meal prep and laundry on a part-time basis, but would like to be able to continue to work her full-time remote telecommute job.

Housing would need to be in the deal, and property must have access to a reasonable internet connection in order to work. We would be selling our home and downsizing and simplifying life, and would like to find a long-term arrangement. We would like to bring our 2 Geldings and 2 slant horse trailer with us (of course we would cover our own feed), and our 2 Golden Retrievers. Lastly, Hubby has A LOT of tools that he has acquired over the years and would really like a sizeable workshop to store them in.

If we sound like we may be a good fit for your ranch, please reach out …

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