Position Wanted: Swede/American Female looking for Ranch Job working with Horses

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Anna G.

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Full Time
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January 26, 2021
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0-2 yrs

My name is Anna Goude. I am 31 years old female, born in Texas but grew up in Sweden in a county named Värmland. This means that I have dual citizenship and can also work and travel to the USA.

I grew up close to the forest on a small farm. We had a couple of horses (Arabian full bloods) and some other animals. The forest in Värmland is full of wildlife, we have a lot of elk, deer and also a lot of wolves around in the area. I am used to riding a lot from the age of five up to twenty six. I still love to ride and be in nature and that is what I miss right now and therefore I am seeking a job where I can do that. Something opposite to what I do right now as I live a kind of urban city life that is sometimes hectic and stressful.

I want to do hard work and be outside in fresh air. I have good experience in riding and handling horses. I mostly just did ride out in the forest for hours, but also practiced horse jumping and dressage. I also did some western riding. I am easygoing and sociable. I would also say I am practical. I have studied furniture carpentry for a couple of years so I have knowledge in woodworking and using different machines.

I really want a new kind of experience and I am very serious about looking for this type of job, and I think it would be amazing to experience America and to work with horses and out in nature. I am really open to move anywhere in the US.

If it sounds interesting don’t hesitate to contact me.

// Best regards, Anna

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